[Watcher of the Dead Read online] epub By J.V. Jones

  • Hardcover
  • 448
  • Watcher of the Dead
  • J.V. Jones
  • English
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9781841491608

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free read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · J.V. Jones free read Watcher of the Dead 106 Aughter of the Sull still struggles to come to terms with her heritage and the knowledge that the Watcher armed with Loss could be the one who will save the Sull or end them Raina Blackhail widow of a murdered ruler and wife of his brutal successor has see. A fourth and then a fifth book in what I d hoped to be a trilogy but the story telling remains thoroughly enjoyable with little xxx some but not much which is not as far as I can tell significant The genuine difficulty I had and yes I could have chased this one down sooner after publication was forgetting the detail from previous books reducing the depth of the characters and making some of the plot intricacies confusing I continue to be compelled to read these books although the character thread style can also feel a bit repetitive setting of a new scene reminiscence to update on recent or longer term local events then back to the present event before an imperfect cadence signaling the end of each chapter Perhaps the final book will see the unification of various plot themes as I hope the story reaches its resolution I enjoy the highland clan centered setting regardless of how authentic this is it is fiction after all with its portrayal of dour determination to survive against hostile foes and an unforgiving environment reuiring fierce loyalty to kin and clan Looking forward to the next one

free read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · J.V. Jones

Watcher of the Dead

free read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · J.V. Jones free read Watcher of the Dead 106 In the frigid wasteland of the north Raif Sevrance Watcher of the Dead has endured many trials to lay claim to the renowned sword known as Loss But the price of wielding the legendary weapon is high and Raif is unsure if he is willing to pay it Ash Marsh D. JV Jones is one of those writers who gets better with every book Her earlier series were good but didn t leave a lasting impression The Sword of Shadows series is different and Watcher of the Dead the fourth book particularly so From the moment I picked it up I struggled to put it down And it s all because of the awesome characters Within the series there is an overarching plot about the Endlords escaping their prison in the Blind and destroying the world But within this each of the different characters has their own story Raif Ash Raina Vaylo Angus Bram Effie the list goes on Each character is brilliantly drawn and you laugh cry hate with them all Ash isn t in this story much but Raif Vaylo Raina Bram and Effie s stories are moved on a pace with Effie s being particularly interesting Jones manages to create an incredibly intricate world full of colour and detail that brings it alive You can smell the treachery in Spire Vanis feel the cold of the Want see the beauty of the Sull Heartfires This is a great book I just hope we don t have to wait so long for the fifth one

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free read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · J.V. Jones free read Watcher of the Dead 106 N her clan disgraced and has herself taken up the mantle of chief But there are enemies both beyond her gates and within And in the murky swamps of the Stillwater two children will learn the secrets of the Marsh clan Secrets so old they threaten everything. This series is complex with lots of moving parts Normally I re read early books before reading the latest in a series and I strongly recommend doing that here I wasn t able to and the provided What has gone before summary was limited and seemed to lose steam half way through its few pages You can jump straight in but it takes a while to remember and re orient Watcher of the Dead is a straightforward continuation of the series We learn about our hero Raif and separately his engaging sister Effie The plot moves forward in fun if not terribly surprising ways One of the things I enjoy about Jones is her willingness to defy happy ending expectations and maim or kill key characters and some of that goes on hereA few mysteries are revealed but not very many This book is primarily about moving the story along I was disappointed to finally reach the Heart of the Sull and find it not very different from anywhere else This was surprising from an author who normally does well in creating murky mystery and revealing excitement The same is somewhat true for some of Raif s travails While interesting it didn t feel like a top rung effort and there s an element at the end that seemed to come almost out of nowhere Nonetheless this is a very enjoyable seuel and the overall story is still exciting and fairly fresh All in all well worth picking up for readers of the series Definitely not the place to start if you ve not read the prior books Though if you haven t I recommend you do I haven t seen anything about Ms Jones plans but I anticipate that the next book or at most the one after will be the end of the series Much than that without a fresh infusion of energy and I think the story will have stretched too far