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  • 27 October 2019
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Read & Download Beast Breeder Beast Breeder Free read Ú 106 That the ancient past compels her to service them allWARNING This 8000 word story contains graphic scenes of oral sex a reluctant virgin deflowering first time breeding and All participants in this title are 18 years of age or olderAn Excerpt from the BookDetermined I made several long strokes up the full length of his pulsing shaft back to the underside of the head licking and slurping before plunging it one last time within me I was determined to rob him of his creamy cum and nothing was stopping me nowI began to jerk and stroke and lick and suck his massive meat giving it all I had My efforts were paying off Kilwok grabbed onto my head and buried his huge hands into my hair dwarfing my skull with his grip I pumped and he thrashed saliva spilled from my mouth as the moment of climax neared He stilled for a moment and then without warning let loose a spectacular blast of hot sexNo cock I had ever sucked and no seed I’d ever swallowed could have pr.

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Beast Breeder

Read & Download Beast Breeder Beast Breeder Free read Ú 106 After a spat over her refusal to surrender her chastity to her fiance Adam Willow flees their vacation hotel room to clear her head Soon however the unsuspecting virgin bride to be finds herself dismally lost in the dark foreboding forest nearbyBut she's not aloneSuddenly she's taken captive by the legendary tribe of Chwahkneetee Bigfoot fearsome creatures of Indian tribal lore Still chaste she's reluctant to comply with the beasts' desires to defile ravage and breed her relentessly Hopeless helpless and without any means of freeing herself Willow decides that the only way to survive is to comply with their foul demandsHowever after being taken by the leader of the beasts in unspeakable ways the previously untainted Willow discovers pleasure in her virginal ruin But just as she feels bound and compelled to satisfy the monsters she falls into the clutches of a rival tribe of brutes from the North the Choanito or SasuatchTo her horror Willow discovers.

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Read & Download Beast Breeder Beast Breeder Free read Ú 106 Epared me for the load that streamed inside me I choked and gagged on it out of pure reflex As I did strings of hot beast ejaculate poured from my mouth and drizzled upon my nipples which had pierced as hard as ice I jacked the massive cock with every ounce of energy I had determined to not allow a single precious drop to ever again escapeKilwok cried out “Aaaaahhhhhhhh” And no sooner had I devoured his first load then he blasted me once with another stupendous stream I was in uncharted waters Unable to navigate all I could do was hang on to his beastly meat and only hope I would survive He emptied into me for an unruly length of time finally settling back against the cave wall Satisfied I worked him with my mouth gently a few times and then finally released himWith his seed coating my mouth tits and belly I looked up at him tenderly To my utter shock he began to stroke his cock once Within moments it was again fully hard“Mate now” he command.