Title : Ki-Gor, Lord of the Jungle [Ki-Gor Series]
Format : Nook
Pages : 0 pages
Publisher : John Peter Drummond

Move Over Tarzan Here Comes Ki Gor Jungle Lord Pulp master John Peter Drummond's Ki Gor Lord of the Jungle brings back the most acclaimed jungle hero the pulp magazines produced Born Robert Kilgour the child of missionaries killed in Africa Ki Gor grew up in savagery but developed a noble generous spirit When red headed Helene Vaughn's plane crashes in the jungle Ki Gor rescues her How can she resist falling in love with this superbly muscled child like giant who is unspoiled by the corrupting influences of civilization But this classic idyll of Me Ki Gor You Helene is threatened when the jungle lord's mate is captured by raiders and she is threatened with becoming the Bride of the Serpent God a ravenous twenty foot python Then Ki Gor himself is targeted for death by the evil Warrior ueen of Attila's Lost Legion Accompanied only by his companions Tembu George the giant Masi warrior and the pigmy chief N'Geeso Ki Gor must battle the savage jungle beasts cruel nature and the treachery of men if he and Helene are to survive the perils that threaten them and return in triumph to their tree top home A must read for fans of Tarzan and other jungle heroes