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Summary The Adventures of Vela

The Adventures of Vela

Summary The Adventures of Vela Free download The Adventures of Vela ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Albert Wendt ´ 0 characters Journey through the many stories and worlds of the immortal Vela the Samoan song maker poet and storyteller Vela who was so red and ugly at birth they called him the Cooked; Vela the lonely admirer of pigs and the connoisseur of feet; V. I read this for my year of reading Oceania in 2015 It isn t easy to find books set in Samoa and most of them are by Albert Wendt or Margaret Mead According to the internet and the little information I can find on this book Wendt sees this as his masterpiece what he worked toward his entire lifeIt can be a challenge to read It is about Vela an immortal storyteller who is either embodying people as he tells their stories or is multi gender multi character It may be both He almost feels like a god but while he converses with them he does not seem to have the powers they doThe stories are told in verse almost in a chanting way and oral performance is implied The language is heavily Samoan and I was often at a loss as to what was going on Still a lot of Samoan culture and values as filtered through Wendt can be discerned by reading these stories the openness of sexual relationships is a freuent theme but we know this to be true from Margaret Mead the presence and purpose of pig the landscape the food the outsider it s all here And a little sidetrip to China which is confusing to meYes he murmured our only gift is to fashion stories out of ourmisery and in the storying bring some meaning to it

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Summary The Adventures of Vela Free download The Adventures of Vela ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Albert Wendt ´ 0 characters E whom travelling chroniclers still bow down today A Pacific epic this novel stretches hundreds of years before the arrival of Papalagi to the present day and fuses the great indigenous oral traditions of storytelling and Western poetry. Wendt has succeeded where so many have failed and written a modern epic poem Like most epics it is a national tale Wendt describes the emergence of a new Samoan identity in the wake of colonisation Every aspect of the poem contributes to express this sense of identity The narrative digresses across 300 years of Samoan history and spreads wide across the Pacific even my own Australia gets a bit part The language pulses There is than a shade of Salman Rushdie in Wendt s style He litters the book with Samoan and Maori words He is as disgressive and casual as George Gordon Byron and just as Romantic He settles into a flexible five line stanza with plenty of coordinate clauses enjambment and cesurae His paratactic style will appeal to fans of Old English epic The plot is tragic but as in many tragic stories all the destruction leads to a great renewal At first I felt the book lacked structure Wendt is in the Mahabharata school of encyclopaedic epic rather than in the terse and focussed Homeric school But by the end of the book the threads come together and it ends on an exhilarating note of to use Wendt s word resurrection Wendt must surely be one of the most important authors in all world literature today

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Summary The Adventures of Vela Free download The Adventures of Vela ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Albert Wendt ´ 0 characters Ela the lover of song maker Mulialofa Follow Vela down through centuries as he encounters the single minded society of the Tagata Nei and the Smellocracy of Olfact and recounts the stories of Lady Nafanua the fearless warrior ueen befor. I liked this book a lot better than the others of his that I ve read It s a novel in verse based on pacific oral tradition but with elements taken from modern culture also it s probably at its best when it gets really scatological and sexual in a very genuine way that reminds me of some premodern texts there s also some very memorable scenes like the part where two guys have a song contest and the loser has his bones extracted and turned into a one legged bone man that dances

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