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The Book of Ecstasy Read ´ 2 Little is known of the poet Arifi of Herat d 1449 but his book The Ball and Polo Stick has been popular since its composition in AH 842 AD 1438 39 at the height of Timurid power The underlying theme of this work is self sacrificing love a conceptualization that was derived from the Sufi ideal of love This love not only by definition is unreuited but also demands the ultimate death o.

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The Book of Ecstasy Read ´ 2 F the lover In terms of mystical speculative philosophy the death of the lover is the annihilation of selfhood and self awareness ie the total absorption of the lover s own consciousness of self into that of the beloved On the purely mystical level this represents the annihilation of the individuated soul the lover into the godhead the beloved When translated into human terms the ha.

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The Book of Ecstasy Read ´ 2 Pless lover would have to die in ecstasy at the feet of his beloved This was the conceptualization of love that was taken up and glorified by Persian poetryThe Ball and Polo Stick is the third volume in Intellectual Traditions a series aimed to provide scholars and students of Iranian heritage with new source materials on philosophy mysticism `irfan intellectual history and literatu.

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