[The King and Dr Nick Free] Ebook By George Nichopoulos

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  • The King and Dr Nick
  • George Nichopoulos
  • English
  • 18 March 2018
  • 9781595551719

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Read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å George Nichopoulos George Nichopoulos Å 0 characters review The King and Dr Nick Nick reveals the true story behind Elvis’s drug use and final days not the version formed by years of tabloid journalism and gross speculation Put aside what you’ve learned about Elvis’s final days and get ready to understand for the first time the inner workings of “the king of rock n’ roll”. Learned a lotVery interesting read I always read such awful things about Dr Nick but I read this book with an open mind and realized we weren t given a lot of facts when Elvis died mostly rumors

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Read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å George Nichopoulos George Nichopoulos Å 0 characters review The King and Dr Nick But on August 16 1977 he found himself in the ambulance with Elvis on that fateful last trip to the ER He signed the death certificateFrom that day forward Dr Nick became the focus of a media witch hunt that threatened his life and all but destroyed his professional reputation Now for the first time Dr. Why Me Sad story I waited for the book to go on sale and 2 was all I was willing to pay for it This book had a lot of his assumptions which did not sound medical at all until trial and ending I doubt the medical field was this ignorant in the 60 s and 70 s and that their best source for medicating patients was the PDR a book that was available at any pharmacy In the end we will have to wait for the release of his full autopsy if it was done properly which will become a public record in 2027

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Read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å George Nichopoulos George Nichopoulos Å 0 characters review The King and Dr Nick The truth about Elvis’s death from the doctor who spent eleven years as “the King’s” personal physician father figure and confidant  Dr NickDr Nichopoulos spent a decade with Elvis on the road and at Graceland trying to maintain the precarious health of one of the world’s greatest entertainers. What an awful legacy of schmaltz and personality assassination attended the death in 1977 of The King of Rock n Roll Elvis PresleyMuckraking yellow journalism insisted on portraying Elvis death as the endgame of a lifetime of illicit drug addiction And Elvis doctor got nailed as the murderer of The King In a spurious and sensational ABC TV investigative report the infamous Geraldo Rivera made ugly outrageous claims against Dr George Nicholous Nichopoulos Dr Nick who claimed Rivera dispensed flagrantly unnecessary and medically irresponsible illicit drugs to The King effectively becoming the murderer of ElvisAs we read Dr Nick s side of the story we discover that he was a good samaritan doctor to Elvis taking him on as his only patient for a number of years with irregular compensation Dr Nick was nicked by the irresistible celebrity excitement of living in Elvis circle He discovered a rock star who suffered intransigent insomnia from living an upside down nightlife Later in his time with Elvis Dr Nick was horrified to discover that Elvis also suffered terribly with a serious intestinal disorder Megacolon is what it sounds like and it was discovered to be the cause of Elvis notorious fat Elvis episodes wHen he would appear morbidly bloated and sluggish Elvis colon was blocked and sluggish bloating him up until he could get some major intestinal relief on the toilet with the use of prescription medications His needs for medicinal relief from megacolon plus his needs for sleeping pills to treat his chronic insomnia put Elvis on the road to disasterDr Nick travelled with Elvis on tours where he would dispense Percocet loperamide and uallude all in minimalist doses often substituted with sugar pills so ravenous was Elvis hunger for pills The good doctor always tried to keep doses of these medications below toxic levelsDr Nick discovered however that Elvis would secretly see other doctors mainly in Las Vegas and Los Angeles who fallen to Elvis spell prescribed pills for him behind Dr Nick s backUltimately the ABC special spurred legal authorities to bring an indictment for malpractice against Dr NickThis book takes us through the careful legal and medical resources that Dr Nick accessed to prove his innocence This is clearly a man of thorough study and right thinking He faithfully and selflessly applied these attributes to his treatment of Elvis Presley Nothing was too careful for the patientThe first trial acuitted Dr Nick but that was only the beginningSubseuent professional hearings always egged on by the Rivera Dr Nick the murderer camp ultimately took away Nichopoulos licence to practice medicine As a retired journalist myself I feel compelled to highlight the voluminous End notes bibliography interview transcripts and documents cited by Dr Nick Obviously a man of great intellectual and interrogative reach Not a careless pill vending rogue physicianThe day Elvis died he probably had a congestive heart failure from his monstrous megacolon problem argued Dr Nick and likely died chocking and struggling for air He had fallen off the toilet headfirst and landed in the deep shag carpet which suffocated himDr Nick bore Elvis nor his family or employees any hard feelings for the loss of his profession He took the whole denouement philosophically Such is the fascination and danger of great celebrity It puts men in peril because they are playing with gods