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Street Life review ä 0 Victor M. Rios Ó 0 download review Street Life Victor Rios grew up in Oakland California in a single parent household in poverty and on welfare He joined a gang at the age of thirteen and by age sixteen he had dropped out of school and had been incarcerated several times Having witnessed the tragic murder of his best friend by gang rivals Victor hit a critical juncture in life at which point he made the decision to transform With the support of educators and mentors Victor redirected his attitude towards life and returned to school to eventually acuire a PhD from the University of Califor. The book Street Life by Victor Rios a nonfiction book that has honestly caught my attention in so many ways as well as personal Is one of my favorite books i have read so far because me personally can relate a lot to it When I started reading this book was how it then made me realize I have a stronger and powerful way of letting the readers know how important school is and can be later on in the future For him an easier way to join a gang group at the age of 13 that then made him drop out of school Therefore it lead him no where but a difficult life due to how he left his education for something worthless that later on affected him Without him knowing an or imagining how hard it would then get and be for him trying to take a better path and going back to finish school Based on his story it explains and shows a whole deep understanding on how young people are important and that adults schools as well as the community need to help young people be successful Thats one thing that I learned when reading this book and that im not likely to forget in the near future can become a great benefit for all of us As well as knowing how important is being able to go to school and get an education that then can and will benefit us later on in life

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Street Life review ä 0 Victor M. Rios Ó 0 download review Street Life Nia at Berkeley Dr Rios uses his personal story and 10 years of research experience to discuss how personal and institutional illusions contribute to academic failure He speaks about how society gives young people little choice but to use their attitude to solve their problems and how this strategy often leads to detrimental conseuences He discusses practical pathways to transformation relevant to the lives of students Dr Rios speaks about his own personal transformation by taking advantage of the support that teachers and programs provided h. I recently met Dr Rios at a school leaders conference and was so impressed by his presentation that I bought several of his books including this memoir The book is solid What it may lack in style and detail it makes up for through its positive messages and youth friendly tone

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Street Life review ä 0 Victor M. Rios Ó 0 download review Street Life Im and discusses how these efforts can be replicated This book is written to speak to a young adult audience those young people who live on the margins who are often assigned texts that do not represent their lived reality their struggles or their experiences Educators and youth workers can use each of the short chapters in this book as tools for discussing complicated social issues like abuse youth violence delinuency fatalism opportunity stratification poverty resilience college positive role models healthy choices and personal transformati. Brilliant and wonderful

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