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Download ç The Champion ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook England 1076 An era of kings and their loyal knights of grand castles and courts and of passions too bold to be denied Brought to life with power and grace this is the story of a nobleman in need of a wifeand the woman who offers him the love of a lifetimeNicholas FitzTodd Baron of Crane has little interest in marriage the privileges of rank are too many and too pleas. AUTHOR Heather Grothaus writing style is about adventure action and mystery in medieval days She is a writer that does not seem to get into the tasteful but detailed passionate romantic side of events in the story While a few small hints of the passion are there you are truly turning to the pages that will answer the medieval mysterySYNOPSIS NICHOLAS Nick FitzTodd is the Baron of Crane His home is Hartmoore in England He travels to Obny to propose marriage to his childhood best friend EVELYN She has run away to a convent leaving him feeling betrayed HANDAAR Lord of Obny Evelyn s father unfortunately has to deliver the bad news to Nicholas Handaar advises that Evelyn s leaving to join a convent were the last wishes of her mother before she passed away Feeling betrayed and humiliated Nicholas goes to the English King s court where he spends his time drinking and debauchery Also the place where he will meet SimoneSIMONE du Roche also grew up with a best friend CHARLES Beauville in France He broke their engagement She is considered to be not in her right mind That reputation has forced she and her family to leave France to try and get a new start in EnglandDIDIER Simone s 8 year old brother is her ever constant companion Being very protective of his sister has made it such that wherever she is so is he He is recognized by a white feather that had been gifted to him He carries it around everywhere he goesARMAND is on a mission to find a treasure With the family fortune now gone he pushes his daughter Simone to marry someone rich Due to an indiscretion on the part of Nicholas Armand uses that as an opportunity to force a marriage between Simone and NicholasTRISTAN and HAITH are Nicholas s brother and sister in law Tristan is his Nicholas voice of reason His wife Haith has magical powers and can make unexpected things happen GENEVIEVE FitzTodd is Nicholas gracious mother living at Hartmoore Her life is in danger and is connected to the treasure that Armand seeks Simone reaches out to protect her MINERVA Haith s great aunt from Scotland is a healer and possessor of many magical powers She arrives at Hartmoore and immediately attends to Handaar He had been mortally wounded during an attack on Obny Evelyn is summoned to Hartmoore and arrives to be with her father as he lies on his death bed Minerva not only has her hands full with trying to save a man s life she also has a special connection to Didier Later she will give Evelyn a means to trade in her old life for a new life JEHAN RENAULT has been denied the pleasure of enjoying a life with his children As much as life would allow he tries to correct the injustices that had been done by othersTwo people are dead A mystery surrounds parents Portia Genevieve Armand Robert and Jehan Also their siblings Nicholas Tristan Simone and Didier SEX SCALE Of the following five options 1 NOT very descriptive and reuires imagination 2 WILL make you wiggle a little 3 WISH it was me 4 OH boy do not have to use my imagination at all 5 EROTICA and well over the topTHIS BOOK GETS A ONE for NOT very descriptive and reuires imagination FAVORITE PART Didier acting up on Simone s wedding nightLEAST FAVORITE PART Armand s bad moodsYOU WILL LIKE THIS BOOK IF YOU LIKE Mystery behind parents and their siblings Greed Ghost Vengeance Special Powers Jealousy If you prefer plenty of heart racing action yes heart racing during medieval days you will like this book If you prefer yummy passion this book probably is not for you This book gets FOUR STARS This book was honestly heart racing regardless of the lack tasteful and detailed passion that I usually prefer to read about in a books

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Download ç The Champion ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Urable But when the bride he finally chooses refuses him he takes out his frustration in wine and women Simone DuRoche is but another lovely temptation until a moment of indiscretion results in a hasty wedding Nick is furious Simone may be beautiful but she is nearly penniless and rud to be madSimone hardly expects her reluctant husband to believe that her young broth. A well written story that keeps you engaged throughout the read

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Download ç The Champion ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Er's ghost has followed her to England or that she suspects his death was murder Marriage to the fierce guarded Nicholas is difficult enough But when she learns the truth behind her brother's death a dangerous family secret threatens the fragile peace she and Nicholas have achieved and she must risk everything she holds dear to prove that her love is worth fighting fo. Loved itHow do you measure what is a good book For me does it make me laugh telling though does it make me cry The Champion did both

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