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  • The Secret
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  • 08 June 2017
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Summary Ù The Secret ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB This book contains mature content that is not suitable for readers under 18 years old Just as her life finally seems to be on the road to happiness an unima. One word GOBSMACKEDYep Kate has done it again Like with all the other books in this seriesThe Promise and The Choice Kate has managed to produce such a moving sweet sexy and undeniably heartbreaking story Kate has such a way with words She has proven time and time again that she is ahead of the game with her stories The heartbreak the anguish the pain is all there I felt every single stab of it The laughter the love the happy times I felt every single one of themAnd welllet s not even get started on the sex fans self Mmmmyeah she got that spot on too The secret is exactly that a secret What is it I hear you scream at me Well I suggest you go one click this bad boyNOW I won t give any spoilers except to say I m going to need therapy Well done Kate for your truly amazing heart wrenchingly beautiful novel If I could give you unlimited amount of stars I would But this site won t let me so here s 5 stars sweet cheeks but you deserve so many

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Summary Ù The Secret ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB S the hardest choice of her life New truths will be revealed old demons will resurface but when future and past collide who will she trust to keep her secre. I ve not been able to put this series down and am blown away right now I cannot wait until December I need answers now arghAbsolutely brilliant writing a must read series highly recommended

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Summary Ù The Secret ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ginable twist of fate rocks Sophie Ryan’s world yet again Torn between two paths that promise her unconditional love and unbearable heartbreak Sophie face. Received as an ARC in exchange for an honest review from addicted to books and authors This book was incredible I loved the relationship between Chase and Sophia and then wham ex fianc Jack comes back from the dead Sophia was devastated when she thought Jack had died it took her years to be able to open herself up for love and when she meets Chase she knows he is her one and only When Jack returns she finds herself torn and confused she still loves Jack and the secret they share is one she never wants anyone else to know This book was amazing and full of emotion I found myself feeling it all Kate Benson did not disappoint