Title : The Skeptic
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 371 pages
Publisher : Aaron Niz
Language : English

There's such a thing as being too smart for your own good and Harry Dobbs is about to find that outThirty two year old Harry Dobbs is a skeptic Literally He makes his living debunking fake psychics exposing faux miracle workers and preventing healers from scamming innocent peopleWhen Harry gets hired by the Catholic Church to go undercover in a uaint New Hampshire town and assess the inner workings of a religious cult he figures it'll be easy moneyBut what he first thought would be a simple debunking job turns far sinister The cult is hiding a dark secret something worse than Harry could ever have imagined And if Harry uncovers their secret he may inadvertently unleash something into the world that was never meant to be released As it turns out being a skeptic might not just cost Harry his job it might cost him everything including his soul The Skeptic is a chilling kindle occult thriller in the tradition of Stephen King BONUS MATERIAL The first two chapters of Aaron Niz's hit novel COMPELLED