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Tyrant's Throne Read & download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Sebastien de Castell ´ 2 Free download Read Tyrant's Throne Planning to take the throne of Tristia and the Greatcoats for all their skill may not be able to stop himAs the nobles of Tristia and even the Greatcoats themselves fight over who should rule the Warlord of Avares threatens to invade It is going to fall to Falcio to render the one verdict he cannot bring himself to decide does he crown the girl he vowed to put on the throne or uphold the laws he swore to serve. Traitor s Blade Greatcoats 1 Knight s Shadow Greatcoats 2 Saint s Blood Greatcoats 3 A stunning conclusion to a superb debut series that will leave you with a sense of both poignancy and profound contentment Tyrant s throne always had a steep mountain to climb having the burden of following the act of Saint s Blood which culminated in an epic showdown for our stabby trio view spoiler confronting and ultimately defeating a god hide spoiler

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Tyrant's Throne Read & download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Sebastien de Castell ´ 2 Free download Read Tyrant's Throne S uniting the barbarian armies which have long plagued Tristia's borders and even worse he is rumoured to have a new ally Trin who's twice tried to kill Aline to take the throne for herself With the armies of Avares at her back she'll be unstoppableFalcio Kest and Brasti race north to stop her but in those cold and treacherous climes they discover something altogether different and far dangerous a new player is. 255 Fuck anyone who ever doubts the purpose of daring acts of heroism Tyrants Throne is the last addition to the Greatcoats Series I think it is a very average conclusion to a good series I found myself writing down all the things I hated about this series instead of the things I loved So prepared yourself for a ranty review because let s be honest this novel left a salty taste in my mouth My main issue with this series is how overhyped it is Please everyone calm the fuck down this review is all a matter of personal taste a very unpopular opinion I understand majority of people love this series have it on their favourite shelves This is uite honestly the reason why I purchased this series I was so excited to start it honestly this was one of my most anticipated new series of 2017 So when I finally got around to read book one it was insta meh I had high expectations and the book fell flat for me Don t get me wrong I liked book two three ALOT But book four was a waste of my time The main reason why is because it s the same shit that happened throughout the series I know what your thinking what is this banshee talking about well let me YELL it at you in a very angry voice I hate samey sameness it s one of my biggest peeves I was tired of hearing the same jokes over and over again I was also sick of reading the same arguments over and over again it s gets old uickly I found the humour in book one refreshing by book two I was like okay haha Book three I thought okay these jokes are becoming annoying by book four it was INSTA RAGE stop with the overuse of the same jokes please oh look at the expression on Falcios face he has a plan or the oh look Falcio is about to have another speech It BECAME LAME Ok we get it Castell Falcio is an annoying main character who never shuts up Luckily Brasti was there to break up the boringness and samey sameness of this novel If it wasn t for him I would have tapped out at around the 30% mark So your probably wondering why I gave this book three stars if I hated it so much Well that ending It was so goddamn cute my soul has been touched and my heart broken atleast the author got one thing right and delivered a beautiful ending Because I Will Not Allow Them To Forget It You know for a book about war there wasn t a lot of war going on just a circulation of the same goddamn arguments over and over again I love war and politics but this novel felt rushed and unnecessary I would have preferred the author adding an additional 150 pages to book three and having a conclusion in that novel but instead he wrote a 600 page book of boringness and fillers I refuse to even acknowledge this books existence Because I genuinely liked book 2 and 3 So I m extremely disappointed THERE WAS NO BADASSERY Which is blasphemy I m not even done ranting yet I m sorry to everyone who enjoyed this novel but I m salty This novel takes off from where book three ended Falcio the most annoying character in the universe is trying to keep the peace in Tristia The Kings heir Aline is soon to be crowned as ueen and return the law to Tristia But nothing ever goes to plan in this world and the Greatcoats are faced with a few new enemy it seems like everyone is out to get Falcio Obviously I understand the authors reluctance to let Falcio just live his life but seriously how much torture does one man need to endure before he can have his peace I feel like the author tortures his characters for fun Don t get me wrong I live for torture in books but it gets to the point in these novels that I just started to roll my eyes Seriously I just don t care any I kinda dislike Falcio I was over his POV I genuinely hate first person perspective with a passion So annoying MC first person perspective terrible experience for me I wish the author decided to make this series a multiply POV that way I would have been less inclined to rant about this novel Also some of the ways Castell dealt with the bad guys pissed me off I was all up for this idea I d rather rip out that little bitches cunt with my bare hands I wanted savagery and got none But like I said earlier it wasn t all bad There was a beautiful ending and some of the side characters are truly amazing I loved the display of friendships throughout the series even tho Falcio treats the people who love him like shit A few things I loved about this novel I love Brasti I wish he was my friend in real life and the main character of the series the sweetest cinnamon roll to have ever existed as a fictional character I love Kest another character I want to adopt and I also LOVE Darriana SHE IS THE BEST But once again she got 0 page time I was only here for her and I left feeling disappointed But other then those things and that ending this was not a pleasant experience I just don t care about the story or Falcio any There was a few plot reveals that I saw coming from book one so they didn t affect me at all Like I seriously must be a heartless bitch but i just didn t care I had pretty much 0 feels throughout the entirety of this novel except the last 50 pages which pulled on my heartstrings a little bit I do however like the authors writing style but even found a few issues with that the author uses the most overused unoriginal sentences in book history I let out the breath I didn t even realise I was holding inRecommended to all fantasy fans you will all probably enjoy it then I didPs Mega fans please don t stab me I m actually a precious petal I m just feeling salty for wasting a week of my life on this novel

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Tyrant's Throne Read & download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Sebastien de Castell ´ 2 Free download Read Tyrant's Throne Would you could you uphold the law at the cost of those you loveAfter years of struggle and sacrifice Falcio val Mond First Cantor of the Greatcoats is on the brink of fulfilling his dead King's dream Aline the King's daughter is about to take the throne and restore the rule of law once and for allBut for the Greatcoats nothing is ever that simple In the neighbouring country of Avares an enigmatic new warlord i. OMG This book made me cry in sad ways and in happy ways This is the best book of the series to me even though it s the last book and I loved them all I can t believe it s over It just can t be over Not with that ending I want I will always love the boys Kest Brasti Falcio Their banter is the best ever in the books And I was thinking I might not like this series Here is some advice don t think just read because you never know My name is Kest Murrowson a magistrate of the Greatcoats He paused for effect before adding unnecessarily And I am the ueen s ShieldTo answer your uestion friend my name is Brasti Goodbow and I am the ueen s JestMy name your Lordship is Falcio val Mond I am the First Cantor of the Greatcoats also called the King s Heart The boys are sent off on a mission to go and find some people to help secure Aline as ueen among other things They go off into this bitter land and find some things they weren t prepared for They return home with this bad news and set up to fight people Yeah they don t get a break There are revelations There is the evil Trin There are a lot of things going on in this book People die I think the conclusion of this series was excellent I love it so very much but I m sad Yes I know they can be read over and over but still I want stories I can t wait to add this edition to my shelves along with the first three when it comes to paperback I would like to thank Netgalley and the Publisher for a copy of this bookMY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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