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REVIEW Chasing the Dragon CHARACTERS Chasing the Dragon õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB DOWNLOAD ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB » Kate Sherwood When mercenary Jack Hunter stumbles upon Christian Manning servicing a client in a back alley it stirs feelings he’s kept deeply buried Hunter becomes Christian's knight in shining armor when he rescues him from an attack and takes him to his secluded cabin to heal Being stuck in the cabin over the winter gives both men a chance to. 35 stars Review posted August 14 2014Hunter in his mid thirties is a security contractor and weary of his job While on the way to his remote cabin Hunter saves Christian s ass for the second time within a short period of time and offers him help Help to get clean and a bit of menial work at his cabin to compensate for board and lodge The weeks pass Christian gets back in shape and both of them feel attracted to one another However they don t act on their feelings right off the bat because Hunter is straight and has to figure out what to do The huge age gap of almost fifteen years is not to be underestimated either WARNINGPossible pet peeves I advise you to read the following spoiler bc some readers feel put off by this plot device view spoilerWhen Christian was in too deep and felt scared he slept with Hunter s sister on purpose to hurt him and push him away What followed suit was a long separation of three years Then the company recruited Christian to get to Hunter Both of them were a pawn in a chess game when two power hungry parties tried to take control of the private security firm hide spoiler

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Chasing the Dragon

REVIEW Chasing the Dragon CHARACTERS Chasing the Dragon õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB DOWNLOAD ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB » Kate Sherwood Get their lives in order Christian is struggling to break his heroin addiction and Hunter needs to get away from the organization he helped start years before a group of people who don’t appreciate being told no It’s a toss up which goal is difficult Their new starts spark a relationship between them but nothing good comes cheap. This story begins with Hunter who is an ex security contractor trying to retire playing white knight to a young gay rent boy he sees being targeted Hunter scoops Christian up out of harm s way and takes him along on a drive to his northern BC cabin in the woods Unfortunately on arriving there Christian informs Hunter that he s a heroin addict and the next stretch of time is likely to be unpleasant unless Hunter can pull off a miracle One of the things I really liked about this book was that he didn t He talked to a doctor friend got all the supplies he could come by and basically Christian had to go through what he went through No miracles just time and life and two strong menChristian s problems as a recovering addict were well done and didn t disappear later in the book which I really appreciated Although there is insta lust at the beginning the love that Hunter comes to feel for the young man in his care happens slowly and believably even for a man who previously identified as straight And I was very impressed by the way the situation came to a head a perfect gut punch that was believable for both men That first part was an easy 5 stars for meThe story jumps ahead in time and I had issues with the next part What had been mainly a contemporary book about two men facing life changes and the tough issues of addiction and their pasts became a thriller The relationship was still heart and center of it but the pressures on that relationship became melodramatic and I missed the real world intensity of the earlier low key drama I also had a real problem with a critical plot point view spoilerI could see no real reason why the corporation would put Christian through training They could have used him just as effectively by offering some mundane post He d have been just as available and easier to control Why give those skills to a tool of that type Why let him potentially make friends or allies like Bob It seemed done only to make the final drama seem possible hide spoiler

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REVIEW Chasing the Dragon CHARACTERS Chasing the Dragon õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB DOWNLOAD ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB » Kate Sherwood Despite the complications Hunter wants but Christian is resistant to making that commitment When Hunter’s private security company threatens them only nurturing the fragile trust they formed at the beginning of their love affair will save them But for two men with very dark pasts relying on each other might be easier said than don. This book was so damn good I think it s probably my favorite book from Kate Sherwood since Dark Horse I love both MCs Their stories were so interesting apart and then they re thrown together like this double whammy of goodness Ex military and heroin addict just sounds awesome to me You begin the book thinking Christian has hit rock bottom and Hunter is saving him That s just the tip of the iceberg They give into lust and start to fall in love and then BAM Christian breaks your heart and truly hits rock bottomSome people may find what he does unforgivable I am not one of those people I love when an author can redeem a character in my mind and it s not always easy I cried when I read the hated scene It crushed me right along with Hunter BUT Christian turns it around He goes to frankly insane lengths to get a chance to apologize and see Hunter again I thought it was beautiful The tension built up after this was so good You feel it Disappointment and anger at Christian You feel awful and heartbroken for Hunter This should be the end of them but I was practically salivating for them to reunite I knew it was going to be amazing There s so much action in this story Both kinds The sex is intense and emotional I just love these two together I think Hunter just brings something so good and stable to the relationship at first Christian is a mess but he learns so much from his time with Hunter at the cabin He s an addict They do stupid shit We all know that The point is he turns it around and becomes a man worthy to stand at Hunter s side Something he never really felt he was I LOVED this book I highly recommend it Bump it up on your TBR list

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