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Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander

characters Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander 107 N who prefer the company of their own sex A diverse assortment of personalities the Brotherhood of Philander is bound together by sexual preference in a world where the law brands gay men as outlaws and leaves them vulnerable to extortion Moving from familiar scenes of society balls theater parties and midnight suppers to the witty conversations games of chance and intimate pleasures at London's most aristocratic madge club Phyllida takes the reader into a little known side of Regency life In this unusual romantic comedy a bisexual man may make the best husband for both his wife and his lover. A flimsy lightweight Regency romance with the added twist of being about gay men and a woman who loves them this was an entertaining if occassionally eye rolling read It s the story of aristocrat Andrew Carrington who must marry and beget an heir despite being homosexual Impoverished Phyllida is the solution she s happy to look the other way regarding his homosexuality I m sure that there was no shortage of poor Regency women happy to marry into aristocracy even if it meant marrying a homosexual The Brotherhood of Philander is a club Carrington founded to provide refuge for like minded homosexual men Sub plots regarding Napoleonic spies and blackmail are mostly forgettable It did stretch credubility that Phyllida is titillated by her husband s homosexuality which seems unlikely for a virginal Regency girl and that Carrington suddenly turns bisexual and develops an attraction to his wife after resisting many wealthy titled beauties of his own class The whole thing reads like well written fan fiction but I happen to like fan fiction so I was mostly entertained by it Even so had I not pulled this from the 99 cent bin at The Strand I probably would have felt cheated by the price

characters Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander

characters Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander 107 Nderstanding developing between Andrew and his bride is shattered when Phyllida is attacked and her assailant threatens to denounce her husband if she tells She must deceive Andrew to protect him But Andrew discovers the truth and devastated by his first experience of failure seems in danger of losing his wife his lover his very manhood itself Only with Matthew's help can Andrew and Phyllida acknowledge their feelings and find their way to lasting love Phyllida introduces an intrepid heroine and an engaging and sympathetic group of characters members of an exclusive establishment for gentleme. The plot Frothily preposterous Characters Camper than a row of tents unbelievable and the heroine is a Mary Sue to boot Not really what I d call good but also not too terribly bad if you don t attempt to look for a serious story anywhere in it

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characters Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander 107 Andrew Carrington is the ideal Regency gentleman heir to an earldom wealthy handsome athletic and gay When he decides to do his duty to his family he wants marriage on his terms an honest arrangement with no disruption to his way of life But in the penniless spirited and curvaceous Phyllida Lewis a self educated author of romances Andrew gets than he bargained for perhaps even love And when he meets honorable shrewd and hunky Matthew Thornby son of a self made baronet Andrew seems to have everything a man could desire until a spy and blackmailer tries to ruin him and his friends The fragile u. Sexy rich aristocrat Andrew Carrington decides to marry any woman who will bear him an heir and tolerate his homosexuality In a single day he meets and marries Phyllida a pretty young country virgin A truly stupid amount of misunderstandings ensue The plot is unbelievable and the dialog silly and homogenized but what really annoyed me was that I didn t like any of the characters I d assumed I d like at least Andrew who is supposed to be sarcastic and wry but is actually thick headed easily enraged and gets off on calling every one of this sexual partners slut repeatedly Ugh Herendeen clearly did not spend a lot of time or effort on this book