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Calico Captive Free download Ä 100 Rce herself to the next stopping place the next small portion of food the next icy stream to be crossed What waits at the end of the trail besides an Indian uantlet and a life of slave. The first time I read this book I liked it fairly well My only problem with it was the fact that the climax of the book seemed to be the moment when Miriam view spoiler by dancing the minuet in calico hide spoiler

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Calico Captive Free download Ä 100 Early one morning in the year 1754 the stillness of Charlestown New Hampshire was shattered by shrill war whoops and the terror of an Indian raid Young Miriam Willard on a day which ha. There s a good reason why Sign of the Beaver and The Witch of Blackbird Pond are so freuently assigned over assigned in elementary school Historical fiction is a staple of language arts classes Elizabeth George Speare is at the top of the field Besides teachers finding merit in the two books kids go for themWhich makes it all the shameful that Speare s two other novels in print anyway are virtually ignored I read The Bronze Bow a few years ago and thought it was unbelievably great I mean it did win the Newbery and recently than Witch Yet I haven t met anyone who s read it except me Because it s got Jesus mostly peripherally in it Now I can report that Calico Captive is just as noteworthy notwithstanding the lack of a Newbery A meticulous researcher who captures period colors sounds even smells George never fails to present vibrant characters dealing with issues not unlike those young people confront today as well as deliver exciting stories filled with actionFor Captive George takes off from a first person real life account of four years spent as a hostage and a slave in the time of the French and American War In the Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs Johnson Susanna Johnson tells of her family s kidnapping by Abenaki Indians in New Hampshire their forced march north their sale to residents of Montreal and their eventual return to New England in a prisoner exchange George makes Susanna s younger sister Miriam Willard the protagonist of her tale More headstrong and impetuous than her practical sister Miriam prejudges Indians and French then finds herself uestioning those prejudices Because of her talents as a dress designer she mingles with Montreal s elite and struggles to match her Puritan upbringing with a society invested in popery and conuering English colonists And she searches for true love Highly recommended

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Calico Captive Free download Ä 100 D promised new happiness found herself instead a captive on a forest trail caught up in the ebb and flow of the French and Indian WarIt was a horrowing march north Miriam could only fo. Disclaimer on the rating this reflects my love for the story as a child Here is a link to another person s review that shows the issues with accuracyhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshow

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