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free read ¹ eBook or Kindle ePUB ó Maya Banks review Duchess of My Heart The Vault Collection #1 Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Maya Banks ó 3 summary E he expected Both vulnerable and vexing he's never met another woman like her But as sparks fly between them Justin realizes he must help save Jillian from her past before they can ever have a future. SweetI love the author s style of writing and the way she brings the story to life Sweet book and I enjoyed it

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Duchess of My Heart The Vault Collection #1

free read ¹ eBook or Kindle ePUB ó Maya Banks review Duchess of My Heart The Vault Collection #1 Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Maya Banks ó 3 summary Jillian's marriage was a nightmare the news of her husband's death an answered prayer She refuses to bow to the ton and pretend to mourn And her best friend Case will be by her side as she defies soci. I was left completely satisfied 45 Stars Duchess of My Heart is my kind of historical romance I don t usually compare authors but I was reminded of Kerrigan Byrne s style which is a very high compliment while reading Just that hint of darkness mixed with ball gowns calling cards and plenty of pomp and ceremony This story made my heart beat faster and the smile of delight and discovery was on my face from the beginning to the end There are so many parts of historical romance that I adore and I can admit to always putting myself in the heroine s shoes I love the idea of a maid preparing me for a ball What I wouldn t do for someone to style my hair iron my clothes and clean the aftermath of getting ready I want tea and cakes brought to me on a tray I want to be twirled around a dance floor with my beautiful dress flowing around me I want to step back in time and be the lady at the ball Duchess of My Heart does have a teeny bit of a modern feel to it but to be honest that made me enjoy it a wee bit I can sometimes get disheartened and depressed for the women and what they suffered through back in the day I would hate to marry for anything but love and I would hate to have to stay married to an abusive husband because you are their property So if the heroine wants to flout the rules and wear a pretty dress when she s supposed to be in mourningwell hoorah for herJustin and Jillian s love story left me completely satisfied There was an instant attraction between these two but it was hampered from progressing because of Jillian s past For her she was not at all keen to be vulnerable again as she has only just gained back her freedom For him he was brought up to believe that strictly following societies rules is the only way The fact that Jillian has been flouting the rules with Justin s brother Case means that Justin is already thinking the worst of Jillian Not everything is as it seems though and soon enough Justin has to reassess his original opinion of the beautiful woman When Jillian s life is in danger nothing will stop Justin from finding her enemyI think Maya Banks does a fantastic job of bringing these characters to life I couldn t help but fall in love with Justin and Jillian Justin is definitely what I like to call a Darcy Slightly pompous at the beginning but ultimately shows his true feelings and emotions once his heart is engaged He is protective of those he loves and will do anything to see to their happiness Jillian is a woman who decides to find a new and happy path after surviving abuse Unfortunately that happy path does have a few cracks but now she has friends to help her over them The additional characters are well developed and I hope to encounter them again in future booksBy the end of Duchess of My Heart I was experiencing a historical romance high The storyline kept me entertained from start to finish and I was never bored or bogged down in the descriptions The love story was sweet with just the right amount of heat to show that these characters were feeling than just lust The despicable things that Jillian faced and survived were described in a way that broke my heart but was never too much I loved that Justin blamed the right people when it came time for Jillian to recount the past events that nearly destroyed her Justin s patience support and gentleness showed his love and commitment to Jillian s happinessI am so excited that this is the first instalment of The Vault Collection and I can t wait for in the series

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free read ¹ eBook or Kindle ePUB ó Maya Banks review Duchess of My Heart The Vault Collection #1 Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Maya Banks ó 3 summary Ety's rules and has her first taste of freedomJustin eighth Duke of Whittington is determined to save his family name from the scandal his brother Case is creating but the lovely Jillian is not the fo. This is a case where I continue to read an author who has in the past written some books I really liked but in looking over them collectively I realize I disliked a lot than the two or three I really liked So I am thinking this is not an author for me any longerThis book felt unrealistic and the writing and situations felt too modern in tone The characters did not feel logical either in action motivations or conversation There were too many dramatic and public confrontations Everything about this felt simplistic and ridiculous

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