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Great Expectations Free download Û 9 T entirement la premire personne par le protagoniste lui mme Philip Pirrip dit Pip Le sujet principal en est la vie et les aventures d'un jeune orphelin jusu' sa maturit. Great Expectationswere formedwere metand were thoroughly exceeded The votes have been tallied all doubts have been answered and it is official and in the books I am a full fledged foaming fanboy of Sir Dickens and sporting a massive man crush for literature s master story teller uick Aside My good friend Richard who despises Chuckles the Dick is no doubt having a conniption as he reads thisdeep breaths Richard deep breaths After love love loving A Tale of Two Cities I went into this one with you guessed it insert novel title and was nervous and wary of a serious let down in my sopho experience with Dickens Silly me there was zero reason for fear and this was even enjoyable than I had hoped Not uite as standing ovation inducing as A Tale of Two Cities but that was a function of the subject matter of A Tale of Two Cities being attractive to me PLOT SUMMARYHere Dickens tells the story of the growth and development of young Philip Pirrip Pip who begins his life as an orphan neglected and abused by his sister Mrs Joe Gargery I was always treated as if I had insisted on being born in opposition to the dictates of reason religion and morality and against the dissuading arguments of my best friends Through a series of chance encounters Pip rises above his disadvantaged beginnings to become a gentleman in every sense of the word Pip s journey is not a straight line and his strength of character and inner goodness are not unwavering but in the end they shine through and he the better for it THOUGHTS GUSHINGSDickens prose is the essence of engaging and his humor is both sharp and subtle and sends warm blasts of happy right into my cockles My sister Mrs Joe Gargery was than twenty years older than I and had established a great reputation with herself and the neighbors because she had brought me up by hand Having at that time to find out for myself what the expression meant and knowing her to have a hard and heavy hand and to be much in the habit of laying it upon her husband as well as upon me I supposed that Joe Gargery and I were both brought up by hand In addition to his ability to twist a phrase and infuse it with clever dry wit Dickens is able to brings similar skill across the entire emotional range When he tugs on the heart strings he does so as a maestro plucks the violin and you will feel played and thankful for the experience For now my repugnance to him had all melted away and in the hunted wounded shackled creature who held my hand in his I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor and who had felt affectionately gratefully and generously towards me with great constancy through a series of years I only saw in him a much better man than I had been to JoeWe spent as much money as we could and got as little for it as people could make up their minds to give us We were always or less miserable and most of our acuaintance were in the same condition There was a gay fiction among us that we were constantly enjoying ourselves and a skeleton truth that we never did To the best of my belief our case was in the last aspect a rather common one Dickens never bashes over the head with the emotional power of his prose In fact it is the uiet subtle method of his delivery of the darker emotions that make them so powerful OkayokayI ll stop on the prose I think I ve made my point that I love his writing Combine his polished breezy verse with his seemingly endless supply of memorable characters that is his trademark and you have the makings of a true classicwhich this happens to be There are so many uniue well drawn characters in this story alone that it is constantly amazing to me that he was able to so regularly populate his novels with such a numerous supply To name just a few Great Expectations gives us the wealthy and bitter Miss Havisham the good hearted but often weak social climbing main character Pip the good hearted criminal Magwitch the truly evil and despicable Orlick and Drummle the virtuous pillar of goodness Joe Gargery the abusive mean spirited never to be pleased Mrs Joe Gargery the cold and unemotional Estella the officious money grubbing Mr Pumblechook and the iconic Victorian businessman Mr Jaggers It s a veritable panoply of distinct personalities each with their own voice and their own part to play in this wonderful depiction of life in 19th Century London The only criticism I have for the book is that I tend to agree with some critics that the original sadder ending to the story was better and in keeping with the rest of the narrative However as someone who doesn t mind a happy ending especially with characters I have come to truly care for that is a relatively minor gripe 45 to 50 stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATIONS PS A few bonus uotes that I thought were too good not to share Pip In a word I was too cowardly to do what I knew to be right as I had been too cowardly to avoid doing what I knew to be wrong Joe to Pip If you can t get to be uncommon through going straight you ll never get to do it through going crooked

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Great Expectations Free download Û 9 Les Grandes Esprances ou De grandes esprances en anglais Great Expectations est le treizime roman de Charles Dickens 1812 1870 le deuxime aprs David Copperfield tre racon. I saw that the bride within the bridal dress had withered like the dress and like the flowers and had no brightness left but the brightness of her sunken eyes I saw that the dress had been put upon the rounded figure of a young woman and that the figure upon which it now hung loose had shrunk to skin and bone How do you do Miss Havisham She makes many lists of the twenty greatest characters from Dicken s novelsI hadn t ever met Miss Havisham officially although I knew of her I have heard of her circumstances discussed her in English Literature classes and even referenced her in a paper She is a tragic figure tinged with true insanity and yet someone in complete control of her faculties when it comes to talking about HER money She was jilted at the altar and like a figure from mythology she is suspended in time She wears her tattered wedding dress every day and sits among the decaying ruins of her wedding feast We meet our hero Pip when in an act of charity born of fear than goodwill he provides assistance to a self liberated convict named Abel Magwitch It was a rather imprudent thing to do similar to one of us picking up a hitchhiker in an orange jumpsuit just after passing a sign that says Hitchhikers in this area may be escaped inmates Little does he know but this act of kindness will have a long term impact on his life Pip and the ConvictPip is being raised by his sister an unhappy woman who expresses her misery with harsh words and vigorous smacks Tickler was a wax ended piece of cane worn smooth by collision with my tickled frame She also browbeats her burly blacksmith husband Joe into submission Mr Pumblechook Joe s Uncle is always praising the sister for doing her proper duty by Pip Boy be forever grateful to all friends but especially unto them which brought you up by hand In other words she didn t spare the rod or the child Mr Pumblechook is one of those annoying people who is always trying to gain credit for anyone s good fortune He intimates that he was the puppet master pulling the strings that allowed that good fortune to find a proper home Later when Pip finds himself elevated to gentleman s status Pumblechook is uick to try and garner credit for brokering the deal Things become interesting for Pip when is asked to be a play companion of Miss Havisham s adopted daughter Estella The girl is being trained to be the architect of Miss Havisham s revengeon all men She is the brutal combination of spoiled beautiful and heartless She wants Pip to fall in love with her to provide a training ground for exactly how to keep a man in love with her and at the same time treat him with the proper amount of disdain As Pip becomes ensnared in Estella s beauty Miss Havisham is spurring him on Love her love her love her If she favors you love her If she wounds you love her If she tears your heart to pieces and as it gets older and stronger it will tear deeper love her love her love her Never had I seen such passionate Estella the weapon of man s destruction walking with PipPip is fully aware of the dangers of falling in love with Estella but it is almost impossible to control the heart when it begins to beat faster Her contempt for me was so strong that it became infectious and I caught it His hopes almost completely dashed that he will ever have a legitimate opportunity to woo Estella properly are buoyed by the knowledge of a benefactor willing to finance his rise to gentleman status No chance suddenly becomes a slim chance Pip is not to know where these great expectations are coming from but he assumes it is Miss Havisham as part of her demented plans for exacting revenge by using Estella to break his heart He is willing to be the patsy for her plans because some part of him believes he can turn the tide of Estella s heart if he can find one beating in her chest You must know said Estella condescending to me as a brilliant and beautiful woman might that I have no heart if that has anything to do with my memoryThe book is of course filled with Dickensonian descriptions of the bleaker side of Victorian society We entered this haven through a wicket gate and were disgorged by an introductory passage into a melancholy little suare that looked to me like a flat burying ground I thought it had the most dismal trees in it and the most dismal sparrows and the most dismal cats and the most dismal houses in number half a dozen or so that I had ever seen As I was reading the book it felt like the plot suddenly sped up from a leisurely world building pace that permeates most Dickens novels to the final laps of an Indy 500 race I was not surprised to discover that Dickens had intended this novel to be twice as long but due to contractual obligations with the serialization of the novel Dickens found himself in a uandary He had a much larger story percolating in his head but simply out of room to print it Nothing drives a reader crazier than knowing that this larger concept was realized but never committed to paper The rest of Great Expectations exists only in the lost dreams of DickensPip is a willing victim and therefore not a victim because he fully realized that Miss Havisham was barking mad and that Estella had been brainwashed into being a sword of vengeance He was willing to risk having his heart wrenched from his body and dashed into the sea for a chance that Estella would recognize that happiness could be obtained if she would only forsake her training Pip like most young men of means spent than his stipend allowed and as debts mount he is and anxious to learn of his benefactor s intentions It will not be what he expects and provides a nice twist to the novel There are blackguards adventures near death experiences swindlers agitations both real and imagined and descriptions that make the reader savor the immersion in the black soot and blacker hearts of Victorian society Better late than never but I now have than a nodding acuaintance with Miss Havisham Pip and the supporting cast They will continue to live in my imagination for the rest of my lifeIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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Great Expectations Free download Û 9 D'abord publi en feuilleton de dcembre 1860 aot 1861 dans le magazine de Dickens All the Year Round il parat ensuite en trois volumes chez Chapman and Hall en octobre 186. I was really mad when I finished this book last night I have to say I enjoyed this much than the other Dickens books I ve read which is funny because someone told me it was written for kids so I should read it because I would like it better probably and I did It just felt too long and I kind of saw the twist of who was Pip s benefactor coming but at the same time I think the way everything is told and developed is really good I think I mostly felt it was long because I had to read slower than I would have otherwise because the writing was complex and I wanted to make sure I was understanding what was happening and fully understanding each sentence I think the last sentence or two of this book was really beautiful and so well written but it made me really mad to have it end that way despite the fact that it was a really good ending because it was ambiguous I know it seems like no matter what happens with a book I complain and I think that s just my disposition as a person Most of the characters were so unlikable though especially Pip so many times through out the book I wanted to throttle him Anyway definitely the best Dickens book I ve read thus far and I would say this ones a 35 stars from me it be higher but reading it felt slow and like I had to trudge through it at multiple points