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Read & Download Magician Apprentice ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free He held the fate of two worlds in his hands Once he was an orphan called Pug apprenticed to a sorcerer of the enchanted land of Midkemia Then he was captured and enslaved by the Tsurani a str. FANTASY FANS PLEASE READUpdating this review in June 2016 I was just discussing this series with a friend I recommended this to and we were both saying how shocked we are how few people have read it because it is so good It can be hard to find Feist s books in stores or at the library but it shouldn t beI am not saying that everyone will end up liking this but I think there are a lot of people missing out To give you a statistical analysis of how many people are missing out I currently have 627 friends on Goodreads 135 of them have read A Game of Thrones Only 8 of them have read the first book in this series You might look at my book list and say Matthew you hypocrite You may be reading this series but you have yet to read Game of Thrones How can you compare the two This is true Maybe Game of Thrones is superior I look forward to reading it eventually and finding out but my point is that I think Feist s series is great and I want to spread the news also it is 30 books long with two to four book story arcs within it The first arc is just 4 books But the series is complete No waiting years for the next oneSo here is challenge to fantasy fans friends on here or otherwise As soon as 30 people give this series a try because of this review I will immediately begin reading Game of Thrones I know that isn t much of an incentive for you but I hope the joy you find in reading this series is enough If this review leads you to read this please let me know in the comments Or I will just keep an eye on how many of my friends have rated it and as soon as it gets to 38 Game of Thrones is a goUpdate I have now read the first two GoT books and watched the seriesNote In this series I am up to book 11 and it is still going greatWarning to readers Book 1 and 2 really are book one of a trilogy Freuently they are combined into one volume Magician If you only read the first book this is not a case where you get the complete first part of the story You really need to read a least the first two before you will be able to tell if this story is for you or not

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Read & Download Magician Apprentice ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ange warlike race of invaders from another world There in the exotic Empire of Kelewan he earned a new name Milamber He learned to tame the unnimagined powers that lay withing him And he took. Via Book Reviews by Niki Hawkes at wwwnikihawkescomWhen customers approach me for a fantasy recommend I always ask have you read Feist As the long time favorite of my family Magician Apprentice is the book that first inspired my love of the genre I ve gone through hundreds of books since then and it is still one of the best novels I ve ever read It s got all of the elements I loved about the Lord of the Rings trilogy but it is written in a much vibrant and story driven manner I m a stickler for good characters and all of the characters in this series are incredibly well developed and memorable Elves dwarves dragons and magic are all woven together in an adventure that will leave you eager for the next bookThis is the first book in the Riftwar Saga and each book in the series is as good as the last If you would like an introduction to the fantasy genre this is the novel for you As for the hardcore fantasy fans this book should definitely be on your list of must readsRecommendations As much as I loved this book it s hard to believe that I loved a trilogy by Feist and Wurts even Read the Magician Apprentice and Magician Master first then take some time to read the Daughter of the Empire trilogy before moving on to the third Riftwar book Silverthorn

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Read & Download Magician Apprentice ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free His place in an ancient struggle against an evil Enemy older than time itself Totally gripping A fantasy of epic scope fast moving action and vivid imagination The Washington Post Book World. I wanted to like this book I really did First a major caveat The Magician Apprentice is only one part of a two volume novel The second volume The Magician Master completes the tale Given this it isn t really fair to judge the first volume on many points so keep in mind that my review applies almost exclusively to this first volumeThe Magician Apprentice is a story centered on you guessed it a magician s apprentice named Pug who finds himself an unlikely hero when the world of Midkemia is invaded by the Tsurani from another dimension Unfortunately the whole thing sounds exciting than it really is First of all I found myself perpetually annoyed that our hero was named Pug It kept conjuring images of a dog faced boy with bug eyes The name is cute in a way that distracted me from believing that he could ever become anything than a pubescent putz Further Pug s character is thin and cliche Fiest provides plenty of narration but Pug performs so few character defining actions and has so few lines of dialogue that he remains a mystery Rather than being a participant I often felt as though the story were happening to himSadly Kulgan the magician to whom Pug is apprenticed is your stereotypical fantasy magician he is tempermental wears long robes and a funny hat sports a long white beard and puffs away on a pipe That isn t to say that a fantasy magician shouldn t appear this way it s just that this is all I know of Kulgan He too is flat and boringI really liked the concept of the apprentice magician It reminds me of Luke Skywalker apprenticing with Obi Wan and Yoda But we never really see Pug do any apprenticing He becomes an apprentice reads a lot and that s pretty much it In fact we don t see him doing much other than being conflicted over the Duke s daughter which frankly I thought was lame I picked up a book called The Magician not An Average Awkward Fourteen Year Old Boy Discovers GirlsWe also never get to see a scene like the one in which Skywalker observes the master at work such as Obi Wan s Jedi mind tricks These aren t the droids you re looking for or Yoda lifting the X Wing from the swamp on Dagobah We never see Kulgan do anything interesting with magic so we really don t have any idea what Pug is shooting forThere are also problems with the plot itself First I have read some of it before in a little tale called The Lord of the Rings You may have heard of it Feist s world is so Tolkienesue that it gives me heartburn Take for example the trek through the mines You know the mines dug out by the dwarves who dared to delve deeper than was safe So deep in fact that there are unnamed evils lurking there No I m not talking about the mines of Moria I m talking about the mines of Mac Mordian Cadal Yeah even the name is somewhat familiar This is a setting too associated with the The Lord of the Rings to work well anywhere else Moria is a place that truly scared me but the mines of Mac Mordian Cadal make me feel like an adult walking through a Disneyland version of Moria To be fair the first three uarters of The Magician Apprentice are almost an unnecessary part of the story These chapters serve to introduce a variety of characters and place them in position for the inevitable Tsurani invasion After the invasion however the story finally loses its Tolkiensue flavor and begins to take on a life of its ownFeist fails to consistently pace his story we jump from We have been invaded to The war has been going on now for a year and now we re tired You re telling me that all the excitement surrounding an invasion from another dimension is going to be frittered away like Adam Sandler s life was fast forwarded in Click WTF I want to be where the fighting is not in some drawing room talking about strategy a whole year after the war has startedFeist also has trouble with perspective At first we think we re in third person limited but Feist freuently hops into third person omniscient On than one occasion he switches perspective mid scene with no line breaks or visual cues This drives me up the wall There is nothing annoying than being in Pug s head one moment and then hopping over to Kulgan and then back to Pug It is enough to make a reader go cross eyed Further when we re supposed to be in Pug s perspective Feist insists on telling us things that he can t possibly know The narrator s voice creeps into the story and I find myself wanting to slam the door in his face and tell him to get the hell outOverall I found myself trudging through this book Although I think the concept of the rift is genius Feist failed to bring it to fruition I can t help but think that Feist s editor should have rapped him on the knuckles with this manuscript It never should have left the editor s desk looking like this Once I hit a point when I realized that the story had jumped two years ahead in time I nearly gave up Massive temporal shifts like that are tough to pull off but they are made even difficult when the reader doesn t give a damn about the charactersHaving started reading the second volume I can say that much is improved Feist has finally managed to bring Pug into focus and despite its flaws I am honestly looking forward to continuing the story

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