Title : Managing Euity Portfolios
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 304 pages
Publisher : Michael A. Ervolini
ISBN : 9780262028349

A groundbreaking framework for improving portfolio performance that goes beyond traditional analytics offering new ways to understand investment skills process and behaviorsPortfolio management is a tough business Each day managers face the challenges of an ever changing and unforgiving market where strategies and processes that worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow The usual advice for improving portfolio performance refining your strategy staying within your style doing better research trading efficiently is important but doesn't seem to affect outcomes sufficiently This book by an experienced advisor to institutional money managers goes beyond conventional thinking to offer a new analytic framework that enables investors to improve their performance confidently deliberately and simply by applying the principles of behavioral financeW Edwards Deming observed that you can't improve what you don't measure Active portfolio management lacks methods for measuring key inputs to management success like skills process and behavioral tendencies Michael Ervolini offers a conceptually straightforward and well tested framework that does just that with evidence of how it helps managers enhance self awareness and become better investors In a series of short accessible chapters Ervolini investigates a range of topics from psychology and neuroscience describing their relevance to the challenges of portfolio management Finally Ervolini offers seven ideas for improving These range from maintaining an investment diary to performing rudimentary calculations that uantify basic skills; each idea or project helps managers gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and shortcomings and how to use this knowledge to improve investment performance