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characters Six Day War 1967 Shlomo Aloni ✓ 3 review review Six Day War 1967 103 Military thinking in the Middle East and all over the globe so profoundly that military leaders' perceptions of air superiority were practically transformed in its wake signalling a turning point in the Cold WarThe Israeli Air Force's Operation Focus was not only a watershed in the history of the modern Middle East but was one of the greatest and most effecti. Very detailedAlmost all the information presented is from the IDF s claims and reports so there are no counter reports to provide a comprehensive overview of actual events Nevertheless Shlomo does a great job with presenting in meticulous detail the brilliant planning and execution of the Israeli Air Force s attack on the EAF which sealed the fate of the whole war in the morning hours of the first day s attack For those who are intrigued by the meticulous strategy and planning which led to arguably the most successful air campaign in modern warfare this is a great read

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characters Six Day War 1967 Shlomo Aloni ✓ 3 review review Six Day War 1967 103 Ve air superiority campaigns ever waged On a single morning almost the entire IAF was committed to a surprise preemptive airstrike against the air forces of the encircling Arab states The attack was extraordinarily successful Hundreds of Arab aircraft were destroyed their airfields crippled and the IAF gained almost complete air supremacy for the rest of the w. Good first hand account of the Six day war focusing on the air campaign this one in particular was a milestone this was the first time that the elite of the elite fought a vicious battle against A numerical superior foe It shows the new tactics in the making the brave accounts of the pilots who in the end enter the history as the enablers of the total victory on that war Excellent and concise way to deliver the story As always with Osprey excellent booklet

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characters Six Day War 1967 Shlomo Aloni ✓ 3 review review Six Day War 1967 103 The story of how the Israeli Force achieved one of the most audacious and important air power victories in history wiping out enemy air forces than twice its own size in a single morningThis new illustrated study examines the planning execution and aftermath of Operation Focus showing how it not only effectively won the Six Day War for Israel but also impacted. This book focuses on first 12 hours of the war So it covers initial strikes against Egypt Syria Jordan and Ira beginning in the morning when bombing started and ends in evening when it stopped for the night It only briefly and neutrally covers events leading to war such as water war Which I suppose is a step above usual Israeli line that Syrians were fully responsible It also only briefly outlines political events leading to it Which given Aloni s previous work and his status and position among Israeli historians is a pleasant surprise Instead books gives almost blow by blow description of attacks against individual Egyptian air bases In such it offers nothing radically new in terms of conclusions what sets it apart from similar work so far is the fact that it s very detailed and narrowly focused on 12 hour time period So if you are looking for controversial events such as attack on USS Liberty or H 3 attack fiasco you ll be dissappointed as book as I ve mentioned concludes with event of first day and subseuent events are only briefly mentionedWhat is interesting regarding the subject is that recently Tom Cooper and several other authors published a series covering Arab MiGs with Six Day War being subject to its own volume ARAB MIGS VOL 3 The June 1967 War As such I could compare the numbers of planes destroyed as claimed by each author covering their respective sides However due to different breakdowns and information published only overlap is with Egyptian air force fighter and bomber force Cooper doesn t provide details for other Arabs Aloni does while Cooper offers number for helicopters etc which Aloni doesn t also information is presented a bit differently Aloni lists planes as destroyed while Cooper presents numbers of what was operational at the end of war with rest not being necessarily destroyed But as Aloni correctly pointed out if plane was damaged to the degree it was only repaired and returned to service after the war as far as everybody involved in fighting that plane was as good as destroyedSo let s first look at what authors say was operational on 5th list is given in typeAloniCooper formatMiG 1517 9696MiG 19 2827MiG 21 102100Su 7 1634Il 28 2734Tu 16 2723Aloni bunches types together but Cooper does notSo we can see numbers roughly match Discrepancies can be attributed to levels of serviceability plane might have been withdrawn from service but parked in airbase so Israelis might count them as operational etcSo let s look at claims of destroyed planes Aloni distinguishes losses between those on the ground and shot down but Cooper does not typeAlonilost in air air combatCooper MiG 1517 89659MiG 19 7316MiG 21 771178Su 7 1025Il 28 27034Tu 16 26023Looking at numbers were see mixed bag With earlier fighters and Su 7 there is huge difference but general match with MiG 21 and bomber force I really can t think of logical explanation for it other than one side is terribly wrong Could Israelis have claimed as destroyed those that were only lightly damaged and returned to service during the war Or were earlier fighters sturdier and as such harder to knock out and easier to repair meaning uicker repairs I guess this will still cause some controversy in future but at least now we have bit of information from both sides we can compareAs far as air to air combat goes Cooper claims Egypt lost 31 planes in air combat while shooting down 8 Israeli planes Aloni in turn claims 28 victories and 23 losses from all sources for Israel Overall Aloni claims 46 Israeli planes lost to all sources and Cooper 42 lost in air air combat As such direct comparison is difficult because of different breakdowns but differences is substantial Add to that the fact Israelis were always reluctant to admit loos in air air combat preferring to assign loss to ground fire and were on the other hand uick to claim victory in turn So I suppose which numbers to believe is up to reader Israelis are nominally open about it but wrap everything in layers propaganda justifications and outright fabrications Arabs on the other hand have kept their archives closed with Egypt being only one that is somewhat open And in turn they promote their own propaganda justifications and outright fabrications So there is no absolute neutral truth and every source on either side needs to be treated with caution and not taken at face value

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