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The Xibalba Murders review õ 100 Lyn Hamilton ✓ 0 review Lara McClintoch her marriage ended and her antiues business sold eagerly embarks on a trip to Mexico to help an old friend solve a mystery On arrival her friend puts off their meeting and then disappears After Lara witnesses a brazen robbery of a valuable st. I need to mention I received this book from GoodReads giveawaysA Canadian store owner Lara McClintoch is recently divorced It seems to me lately having a main heroine suffering from a bitter divorce but always finding tall dark and handsome guy or looking for him really hard is a necessary part of the book to be ualified as cozy mystery I have a really hard time trying to picture Miss Marple searching for the Right Guy but it did not prevent her from becoming one of the most famous female sleuths by the wayAnyway Lara receives a mysterious phone call from her Mexican friend who happened to be an archeologist He hints he is on a hot trail of something and invites her to come to a Mexican town full of Mayan history to help him in the search The moment she arr

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The Xibalba Murders

The Xibalba Murders review õ 100 Lyn Hamilton ✓ 0 review Ail takes her to remote archaeological ruins lush jungles and bustling streets filled with revelers Lara engages in a thrilling battle of wits and courage to unmask a killer and stop a tomb robber in the shadowy world of Xibalba the Lords of Death71 330 word. BORING BORING BORING Need I say Well I will anywayThis is dry as dirt and it gets so bogged down in explaining the intricasies of the Mayan calendar that you actually lose sight of the storyline Too much information that really isn t necessary to solving the murder mystery I had to force myself to continue to read and to finish this book I should have followed my instincts and put it down after the first 50 pages of tedious writing

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The Xibalba Murders review õ 100 Lyn Hamilton ✓ 0 review Atue of the ancient Mayan civilization and stumbles on a corpse in a museum of antiuities she becomes a police suspect Afraid of the police and unsure whom to trust Lara follows clues pointing to black marketeers and zealous revolutionaries This dangerous tr. I guess that the purpose of various reading challenges is to get us to read outside our comfort zones I chose this book to be my title beginning with X choice for this year Although I am a sometimes mystery reader I m generally not a big fan of the cozy mysteries and that is how I would have to categorize this one What I did really like in this book was the emphasis on Mayan mythology and culture I hope that the author did her research as I d like to believe that I learned a few things about both However this is very much a first book as well as the first book in a series Not too bad for the first novel of a bureaucrat Hamilton was director of the governmental branch responsible for licensing of archaeology in the province of Ontario and it did ge

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