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Deep South

Read & download Í Deep South ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Lso some of the nation’s worst schools housing and unemployment rates It’s these parts of the South so often ignored that have caught Theroux’s keen traveler’s eye  On road trips spanning four seasons wending along rural highways Theroux visits gun shows and small town churches laborers in Arkansas and parts of Mississippi where they still call the farm up the road “the plantation” He talks to mayors and social workers writers and. I really liked this book for several reasons Paul Theroux was 74 years old when this was published and it was SO good to see him enjoying himself so much After 50 years of traipsing all over the globe he than deserves to put his feet up and set a spell One thing that really made these trips special was that he drove himself instead of relying on public transport as he has often done in the past He fell in love with the whole road trip scenario I wholeheartedly agree There s nothing like being your own boss going where you want when you want and for as long as you want BlissHe made four journeys into the southern US states one in each season He kept off the beaten path and out of the big cities No one seemed to recognise him and he liked it that way To them he was just an ol white man from up north So he just moseyed up to em and starting chewing the fat about what it was REALLY like to live in the south He was VERY impressed with their friendliness and hospitalityI could go on and on but I ll stop otherwise you won t have to bother reading the book lol4 Stars It touched my heart andor gave me much food for thought

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Read & download Í Deep South ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Reverends the working poor and farming families the unsung heroes of the south the people who despite it all never left and also those who returned home to rebuild a place they could never live without  From the writer whose “great mission has always been to transport us beyond that reading chair to challenge himself and thus to challenge us” Boston Globe Deep South is an ode to a region vivid and haunting full of life and loss alike. An irritating and self indulgent ramble through the Southern states of the USA Theroux is patronising to both black and white communities ignorant of the complex history of race relations in the South and flippantly dismissive of many of the people he meets Lecherous rude self aggrandising there are freuent references to his long and glorious literary career this book gets two stars for Steve McCurry s superb photographsMy broader point is that this type of historically uninformed travel writing has been over taken by travel shows and even Google Earth which mean you can see a place for yourself from the comfort of your own room Theroux routinely exaggerated the poverty of the places he visits Allendale in SC is described as a vision of ruin of decay of utter emptinessdevastation as though a recent war had ravaged the place and destroyed the buildings and killed all the people Google Earth reveals Allendale to be a perfectly well kept small town Most disappointingly there are no references to any Southern authors other than William Faulkner No mention of Maya Angelou Jesmyn Ward or Attica Locke Despite Theroux s endless complaints that the Southern Gothic is a tired old trope he does his best to reinforce it at every turn The smell of house rot of damp rags and worm eaten wood and dead mice and wet half dissolved newspapers was overpowering I saw the clutter the flattened cardboard boxes nailed to the wall the floor strewn with old shoes torn pillows twisted uilts splinted chairs piled boxes ill sorted papers and rags A cracked mirror was the crowning touch blending a hint of horror VS Naipaul famously considered Paul Theroux to be a charlatan and literary lightweight If this book is typical of his output I couldn t agree

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Read & download Í Deep South ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook One of the most acclaimed travel writers of our time turns his unflinching eye on an American South too often overlooked Paul Theroux has spent fifty years crossing the globe adventuring in the exotic seeking the rich history and folklore of the far away Now for the first time in his tenth travel book Theroux explores a piece of America the Deep South He finds there a paradoxical place full of incomparable music unparalleled cuisine and yet a. In the summer months I find myself repeatedly on a uest to find that one travelogue that isn t just a travel book but one that also informs readers of history and sociology of a region Veteran travel writer Paul Theroux has been brought to my attention multiple times in our ongoing Pepys Project Diary in the group Reading for Pleasure here on Goodreads Theroux has been writing both travel books and fiction since the appearance of his Great Railway Bazaar in 1975 yet I had never read one of his books before When Deep South was nominated for the group s next nonfiction selection although not winning I decided to get the book for myself and then read and discuss as a buddy read in the nonfiction book club also on Goodreads What I found was the travelogue I had been seekingTheroux has been around the globe on his travels but never to the Southern part of the United States In lieu of airplane and train travel at age seventy four he decided to get in his car and drive from his home in Cape Cod to the south at his leisure Because he wanted to get a deep feel for the region Theroux repeated this trip four times over the course of the four seasons of the year Rather than spending time in Southern cities as Atlanta and Charlotte Theroux went off the beaten path and got to know the characters in small southern hamlets such as Allendale South Carolina and Greensboro Alabama He learned southern hospitality first hand and was treated to many meals at soul food restaurants along the way During these four seasons on the road Theroux got a feel for the culture and character that makes up the southTheroux s musings include visits with preachers black and white farmers community grant organizers fellow writers and citizens of each community he visited While he witnessed the good the bad and the ugly for the most part he was viewed as the anonymous Mr Paul and invited in for a dose of southern hospitality He attended gun shows church services and Tuscaloosa on a football game day as well as a meeting with farmers a blues festival literary festival and a meal with a nonagenarian author I found this author Mary Ward Brown to be fascinating and would love to read some of her short stories Being a read person I also enjoyed Theroux s exchanges with Greensboro Alabama historian Randall Curd who owns an impressive personal library For the most part the characters he met at each stop were happy to discuss their lives with Theroux and invited him to return which he did These hard working charming people make up a slice of Americana that Theroux enjoyed immersing himself inTheroux saw impoverished southern towns as well and noted that US aid pours into Africa but rarely to the lowest twenty percent of Americans predominately black southerners from his experiences He witnessed how blacks are still left behind and how racism and separation is still rearing its ugly head in certain parts of the south Southern farmers are denied bank loans or discouraged from farming in the first place black women are banned from joining University of Alabama sororities because the alumni networks are against it and in many communities blacks and whites just do not mix Other than these overtly racist examples the separation of races is what Theroux sees as being common place and he notes that politicians like Clinton Robert Byrd and even Strom Thurmond played the race card in their favor regardless of their personal views in order to win votes Clinton stood out to Theroux that he asked community empowerment agents at many stops if they ever received aid for Clinton s organization even though he knew that the answer would be a resounding no Yet the people thrive farming rebuilding dilapidated homes attending northern schools if need be in order to achieve their personal American dream whether it be preaching owning a barbershop farming running for political office or writing Theroux saw positives than negatives from small towns on these travelsAfter a close call from tornados in western Arkansas and staying at one Patel owned hotel too many Theroux knew it was time to return north for good He enjoyed the southern hospitality he received on his road trips which were enhanced by photographs by Steve McCurry who traveled concurrently with him I hope that Theroux has the time and energy to travel in another section of the United States as I got a feel for Americana through his social commentary Having never read his travelogues or fiction before I have a feeling that a Theroux travel adventure might become an annual summer read for me4 stars

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