Title : Sword of the Dark Ones Volume 1 Sword of the Dark Ones
Format : Paperback
Pages : 188 pages
Publisher : Yasui Kentaro
Language : English
ISBN : 9781401206475

In a late medieval world between the mountains and sea the peaceful lifestyle of the people has been shattered by fear Monsters known as the Dark Ones roam the land killing indiscriminately The townsfolk fear to venture out from their homes and travel from town to town has become a risk to life and limb To protect the people from this terror several guilds have sprung up including the Guild of Assasins and the Guild of Mercenaries To go out into the world or travel across the wilderness hired mercenaries are essential One man has built a reputation as an especially fierce monster killer a man known as Leroy Schvartzer A former high ranking member of the Guild of Mercenaries Leroy has struck out on his own Many try to hire him for his superior skills but Leroy has his own agenda He has a mission to accomplish a vow to fulfill This vow is known only to himself and his one companion his sentient long sword Ragnarok