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Flip AUTHOR Kevin Cook characters · 9 Kevin Cook Û 9 Download Read & Download Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Û Kevin Cook The rags to riches story of a groundbreaking beloved entertainer When The Flip Wilson Show debuted in 1970 black faces were still rare on television black hosts nonexistent So how did Clerow “Flip” Wilson go from Jersey City grade school dropout to national celebrity heralded on the cover of Time as “TV’s First Black Superstar” Flip is a candid entertaining biography. I was one of the few people of my age who didn t watch Flip Wilson while I was growing up one of the main writers for The Waltons went to our church so that s what our family watched but my husband grew up with The Flip Wilson Show and he strongly recommended the book Flip is the deeply researched and well written story of a tortured man one that gives eual play to his strengths and his demons It surprised me how HARD the man worked for the success he obtained you don t often consider the hours and hours of sheer labor it takes to craft a successful comedy routine much less a one hour variety show that lived up to Wilson s exacting standards X number of jokes every Y minutes The book also highlights his intelligence and hunger for learning his sharp business acumen and his intense loyalty to those who helped him along the way One wonders what his life would have been like if his nightmare childhood in foster homes hadn t left him incapable of maintaining healthy relationships with his partners and children or if he had been able to escape the paranoia induced by years of heavy cocaine useAs the story progresses and Wilson begins to accomplish things the author who wrote this with a lot of input from one of Wilson s sons freuently steps back to put these accomplishments in the context of race relations in the US at the time Flip not only tracks the journey of comedian and businessman Flip Wilson but looks at how black people were treated in the 1950s 60s and 70s in America I d recommend this book even to those who are too young to remember Flip Wilson just because it is a fascinating complex and well told story

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Flip AUTHOR Kevin Cook characters · 9 Kevin Cook Û 9 Download Read & Download Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Û Kevin Cook Of a consummate comedian who changed the face of American popular culture Kevin Cook chronicles Flip’s meteoric rise through the Chitlin’ Circuit of segregated nightclubs to his breakthrough on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show to his hit variety show on which he created such outrageous and hilarious characters as the sassy Geraldine and flock fleecing Reverend Leroy As one of. I LOVED THIS BOOK This book is now in my pantheon of top 5 books I have read all time This biography is continually compelling and reads like a novel you can not possibly put down The fact that it is about Flip Wilson a comedy icon whose memory and relevance is lost to our current generation makes it even of a good readJokeslots of jokes The humor in the book is probably my favorite part The author was very adept at putting jokes into the work in a manner that mimics real life our conversations at times are unexpectedly hilarious and it keeps you laughing while you are reading The story is truly inspirational of how Flip Wilson overcame poverty and abuse to become an incredibly gifted and wealthy performer for the agesI would recommend this book to anyone who wants a hilarious history lesson about a man who was motivated and driven to succeed from the depths of his being Great story and well put together

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Flip AUTHOR Kevin Cook characters · 9 Kevin Cook Û 9 Download Read & Download Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Û Kevin Cook The biggest stars of his time he performed and partied with Richard Pryor George Carlin Michael Jackson Elvis Presley and other stars of the 1970s   Drawing on interviews with family friends and celebrities Cook delivers the inspiring story of a complex man who broke the prime time color barrier  blazing a trail for generations of African American performers who followed him. LJ Reviews 2013 March 2Website The Last Headbangers NFL Football in the Rowdy Reckless 70s traces the groundbreaking and ultimately heartbreaking career of Clerow Flip Wilson the athlete TIME magazine called TV s first black superstar After an emotionally and physically scarring childhood and a stint in the Air Force Wilson moved on to the African American friendly performance venues known as the Chitlin Circuit where he took a scholarly approach to comedy Successful television appearances many on Johnny Carson s Tonight Show led to The Flip Wilson Show a wildly successful variety vehicle that allowed Wilson to spotlight both black and white entertainers Despite his polished television performance Wilson s life was rougher off camera His family saw him mostly on television the drugs that fueled his creativity also fed his paranoia talent he launched such as George Carlin and Richard Pryor soon surpassed him with their edgier styles VERDICT Cook crafts a personal and tragic biography drawing from Wilson s unpublished writings and input from Wilson s son Kevin as well as his contemporaries including Lily Tomlin and Gladys Knight Cook also contextualizes Wilson s life against the racially charged atmosphere of the 1950s through the 1970s this makes the book an important and recommended piece of African American historyTerry Bosky Palm Beach Cty Lib Syst FL

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