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Geometry of Algebraic Curves

Free read Geometry of Algebraic Curves 100 E a comprehensive and self contained account of the extrinsic geometry of algebraic curves which in our opinion constitutes the main geometric core of the recent advances in curve theory Along the way we shall of course discuss appli cations of the theory of linear series to a number of classical topics eg the geometry of the Riemann theta divisor as well as to some of the current research eg the Kodaira dimension of the moduli space of curve.

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Free read Geometry of Algebraic Curves 100 Curves looks completely different now from how it appeared years ago in particular our current state of knowledge repre sents a significant advance beyond the legacy left by the classical geometers such as Noether Castelnuovo Enriues and Severi These books give a presentation of one of the central areas of this recent activity namely the study of linear series on both a fixed curve Volume I and on a variable curve Volume II Our goal is to giv.

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Free read Geometry of Algebraic Curves 100 In recent years there has been enormous activity in the theory of algebraic curves Many long standing problems have been solved using the general techniues developed in algebraic geometry during the s and s Additionally unexpected and deep connections between algebraic curves and differential euations have been uncovered and these in turn shed light on other classical problems in curve theory It seems fair to say that the theory of algebraic.

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