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  • The Imaginary Gentleman
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  • 24 June 2019
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Free read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Helen Halstead Helen Halstead ð 4 Summary review The Imaginary Gentleman Nfirm ever having seen himLaura risks danger and disgrace to discover the truth Information comes to light convincing her family she is deluded the gentleman imaginary They conspir. The heroine meets a very amiable man while she is out walking by the pierThey chat for a while then partsand the heroine goes back to the cottage she is renting with her crippled brother who recently returned from the war and her vain and fashionable sisterShe tries to find out the mans adressbutIt turns out no one knows of him or have seen himOf course she wants to find out the truth of it so she enlists her brother in helping to inuire in the whereabouts of the manHer brother and sister thinks she is going insane because she keeps persisting in seeing this mysterious manSoon even the heroine begins to think she might have imagined this gentlemanConjured up a suitable suitor to avoid dealing with her reality as a spinster without too many prospectsAt times I started to suspect the heroine was one of those unreliable narratorsAnd even that she had actually gone madThe author has this way of writing that makes one uneasy at times and she offsets this beautifully by showing the mundane side of life in the regency eraIt heightens the suspense when others also begin to see the heroine as a little bit oddA suspenseful read I wouldnt call it a gothic precisely but it has shades of it I would recommend reading it through to the end to find out the truth

Free read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Helen HalsteadThe Imaginary Gentleman

Free read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Helen Halstead Helen Halstead ð 4 Summary review The Imaginary Gentleman Lyme Regis 1806On the windswept foreshore Laura Morrison has a brief intense meeting with Mr Templeton their third chance encounterFrom that moment he disappears and no one will co. I enjoyed this book the second book written by Helen Halstead The writing is very easy to read I particularly enjoyed the description of the heroine Laura on the opening page The author has a talent for describing events artistically without going into unnecessary detailHalstead s first book was a Jane Austen seuel and Halstead s affection for Austen is obvious in her writing The plot and characters bear many similiarities to those in Austen s stories particularly Persuasion ie The setting of Lyme the heroine Laura is very similiar to Anne in personality and circumstance The heroine from both books having to deal with languid married sisters There is also a paragraph describing a toothpick case purchased by a young man that is very similar in style to the toothpick case purchased by Robert Ferrars in Sense and Sensebility I am not sure if it is a homage to Austen or an accident I suspect the latterThe author has a talent for delivering witty lines that reuire a certain cleverness to understand She cleverly weaves in some reflection about the double standards of the Victorian society While a woman can become the brunt of severe gossip for an enuiry about a man the man can do what he likes and is expected to do much in pursuit of the woman he loves The author continually left me smiling with her clever lines and yet seemed to feel the need to tell describe the height of every character as soon as they entered the sceneThe book becomes boring for a period in the middle of the book The author seems to spend too long setting the scene without giving the reader cause to actually love the characters Once the party left Lyme the book became much engaging I would like to again note the similarities between this book and Persuasion the Evalina Woodruff and the Musgroves daughtersI think Halstead could do a better job of developing the personality of her heroine I found that I like her but on reflection I could not picture her she was just the standard heroine found in just about half the novels ever written She is pretty but not stunning her female family members do not understand her her male family members do she is always kind she likes the outdoors she is clever she is educated she is charming which seems to surprise some people This is just the standard box model heroine I would have like to see this molded into something that Halstead ownedOverall I did enjoy this book I enjoyed reading a non Austen related book in an Austen style setting I became very involved in the mystery of the imaginary man The author does a good job of mimicing Jane Austen and I will be seeking our of her books

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Free read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Helen Halstead Helen Halstead ð 4 Summary review The Imaginary Gentleman E to force her to marry her cousin Sir Richard Morrison in the belief that marriage will cure her ills Laura begins to doubt her own sanity and agreesThe conspiracy begins to unrav. Seeing the light depends upon the angle of our visionBilled as a Regency Intrigue this story was taut with suspense Set in England during the Napoleonic wars Laura Morrison is thirty years old the unmarried middle daughter who s parents died when she and her brother and sister were young Her younger sister Elspeth is still in morning for her poor octogenarian husband Their older brother Edward returned from the war near death Laura nursed him back to health she and Edward have a close relationshipLaura feels she s a burden to her family she lives in a time when society dictates that an unmarried woman couldn t live alone She doesn t have any prospects for marriage and when she finally meets someone she believes she has an affinity for scandal resultsI thought the characters were well drawn the period richly portrayed and the mystery interesting The story was suspenseful and the relationships realistic Helen Halstead offers a study in contrast between the respect offered to men versus women Laura Morrison is a strong heroine who reminds me to a certain degree of Jane Eyre This story also brings to mind Deanna Raybourn s Silent in the Sanctuary trilogyI really enjoyed this story I hope Ms Halstead will write like it soon