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  • To Sin with a Viking
  • Michelle Willingham
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  • 23 October 2019
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Michelle Willingham ½ 6 Read

review To Sin with a Viking Michelle Willingham ½ 6 Read To Sin with a Viking Read ð 6 Ragh but he is forbidden territory He is the enemyand he is married Yet Styr harbors a secret that just might set them both free Forbidden Vikings Resist them if you ca. Well written but I m not into one of the main characters being married to someone else while lusting after another

review To Sin with a VikingTo Sin with a Viking

review To Sin with a Viking Michelle Willingham ½ 6 Read To Sin with a Viking Read ð 6 Ireland intending to trade never expecting to find himself held captive in chains by a beautiful Irish maiden The fiercely handsome warrior both terrifies and allures Ca. I read this book in 15 hours This was supposed to be a full length book So suffice it to say that I was not particularly entertained by reading this book I wasn t sure what I wanted to read yesterday not being exactly in the mood to start anything in particular I thought I d shake things up by reading a sub genre read So I decided on a viking story The Viking theme is fine The tough Viking hero and kind Irish maiden are also fine But other than that I could not say that I liked anything else in the book It has little substance flat characters an inconvenient background hero was married and his wife is the heroine of the 2nd book in the series For the first 50% of the book Styr was thinking about how to save his wife who he felt so protective of so I assume he loved her or at least there was some tender feeling I was really confused What was Styr thinking He liked his wife and still tried to be a good husband but at the same he was falling in love with Caragh by going fishing with her WHAAAAAT I want to say that I have no problems with a married couple being featured in 2 books as hero and heroine but being paired with someone else It does not bother me But I think the writing and story must illustrate their despair and loss of hope so that we as readers could understand why they did what they did I would like to refer readers to Mary Balogh s The Secret Pearl for a married hero falling in love with another woman Now that is how you do an unsuccessful marriage as a ruse in a romance novel There is little emotional depth in this book The hero was married but fell in love with the heroine I mean this is one hell of a story driver But it is so ill used Heavy weight ruse really unsatisfying execution I have read uite a few Michelle Willingham s books I have the impression that she has good ideas for characters and is not a bad writer please forgive me when I say this not a great one either But some storytelling skills are lacking because while she could create a very intresting backdrop and characters for a story what follows in the book rarely does the background and lead characters justice It is really uite a shame

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review To Sin with a Viking Michelle Willingham ½ 6 Read To Sin with a Viking Read ð 6 Playing With Fire  Caragh Ó Brannon defended herself bravely when the enemy landed only now she finds herself alone with one very angry Viking Styr Hardrata sailed to. FIRST READ February 1 2014SECOND READ May 11 2016875 AD Caragh went to fetch a linen cloth soaking it in cool water Without asking his leave she went and touched the sore spot bathing it to prevent the swelling from growing worseHe stared at her in disbelief Do you always strike your enemy and then tend to his wounds His eyes held suspicion as if he weren t accustomed to anyone taking care of him It made her feel foolish and she pulled the cloth awayI ve never taken a man prisoner before Her cheeks burned and she retreated wishing she d never dared to touch him Everything about this man threatened her from his fiercely handsome face to his raw strength It was like charming a predator and she needed to remember that he was not to be trustedCarmen highlights entire bookWell If I tell you this book is about a starving Irishwoman who bashes a Viking over the head with a wooden staff and chains him up in her hut you ll probably buy it instantly And yes I mean obviously I understand this urge however this book is EVEN BETTER than what you are thinking so I want to explain to you the HIGH GOODNESS of this book so that you know what you are getting into hereCaragh O Brannon is starving Her two brothers Terence and Ronan left weeks ago to find food leaving her alone with her 17 year old brother Brendan She spends her days wandering around in desperate search of meat or vegetables fighting off dizziness headaches and struggling to stay uprightWhen she and Brendan see the Viking ship in the distance they fear Death has finally come for them not the slow savage hand of starvation but the bloody battleaxe of a Viking raid The Lochlannach were here Caragh s heart beat so rapidly she could hardly breathe There were a dozen men walking through the shallow water and their size alone dwarfed her kinsmen Battleaxes and swords hung from their waists while they carried round wooden shields Several of the men wore chainmail corselets and helms with narrow nose guards One man was taller than all the others possibly their leaderWhen Brendan gets the brilliant read extremely stupid idea to steal supplies from the Vikings a battle occurs Styr s the Viking leader wife gets taken hostage at knifepoint by Brendan and Styr is knocked unconscious by a blow from Caragh s staffStyr Hardrata is searching for a new life Trapped in a miserable and barren marriage with Elena he has long despaired of ever finding any happiness Although he works very hard to make his woman happy Elena is devastated by their inability to have children Both are wretched and consumed with sadness After being married five years No man ever wanted to admit his marriage was dyingStyr Hardrata stared out at the grey waters cloaked with mist watching over his wife Elena She stood with her hands upon the bow of the ship her long red gold hair streaming behind her in the wind She was beautiful and strong and he d always been fascinated by herBut that strength had now become a coldness between them an invisible wall that kept them apart She blamed herself for their childlessness and he didn t know what to say He d tried everything until now she grew sad every time he tried to touch her Lovemaking had become a duty not an act of passionThough he d tried to ignore her growing reluctance he was tired of her flinching whenever he tried to pull her near Or worse feigning pleasure when he knew she no longer wanted his touchThe slow burn of frustration coiled inside him This was a war he didn t know how to fight a battle he couldn t win Styr approached the front of the boat and stood behind her He said nothing staring out at the grey waves that sloshed against the boat I know you re there she said after a time But she didn t turn around to look at him There was no smile of welcome nothing except the uiet acceptance she wore like armourStyr is constantly trying to reach out to his sad wife But Elena rarely spoke to him any never telling him what she was thinking He couldn t guess what was going on inside her head and when he demanded answers she only closed up He didn t understand women One moment he would be talking to her and the next she d be silently weeping and he had no idea why It made him feel utterly helplessBut there s not much he can do about their inability to have children But he strongly suspected that there was nothing he could do to make his wife happy again He stole a last look at her and at that moment she turned back Her pale face was shadowed her eyes holding such pain he didn t know how to heal itIn the end he busied himself with the ship unable to bridge the growing distance between themHe hopes to make a new life for them in Ireland or as it s called in this book ireann However he and his men are not expecting to be attacked by the starving villagersAlthough Caragh is shocked and dismayed to see her brother take Styr s wife captive by knifepoint she knows she can t let the Viking kill him and delivers a blow to his temple that knocks him outHe awakens chained in her hutI know what you are thinking super hot erotic fun times are going to happen now right Wrong Sadly Caragh s starving and let me tell you that nothing kills your sex drive like starvationStyr is baffled at Caragh s decision not to kill him and her insistence on feeding him sharing what precious little food she has and tending to his woundsThis whole scenario leads to very hot sexual tension slowly building up as she cares for this dangerous wounded man who is chained up in her house Frustration drew his face taut with silent rage I have to find her Let me go His command was spoken in a steel voice one meant to be obeyedThough she understood his need she couldn t possibly free him from the chains I can t release you she protested You ll kill me if I do In her mind she envisioned him taking his chains and wrapping them around her throat I don t usually kill women Even the ones who try to crack my skull He tested the post straining against his bondsStyr also feels pity and compassion for the rail thin Irish woman who soft heartedly tends to his needs He wants to teach her how to fish and is loathe to leave her starving when he makes his in his mind inevitable escape to rescue his wifeTHE GOOD Incredible built up sexual tension First Styr is Caragh s prisoner Tons and tons of sexual tension builds up as Caragh sweetly cares for this murderous warrior and he s baffled by her soft heart THEN he view spoilerbreaks his bonds but she doesn t know it and he sticks around anyway being able to kill her at any time and escape but instead he does stuff like teaches her how to fish and gets drunk and plays chess with her hide spoiler