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FREE DOWNLOAD Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ H.G. Wells READ ✓ De tijdmachine en andere verhalen H.G. Wells ¶ 0 READ De in deze bundel bijeengebrachte verhalen behoren voornamelijk tot het humoristische genre waarin H G Wells een meester is Alleen het eerste – De tijdmachine 1895 – dat ook aanzienlijk langer is dan de andere is een fantastisch verhaal dat ons een blik in de verre toekomst schenkt. Review for The Time Machine Other Works by Wordsworth EditionsOne of the most important books of HG Wells s young then writing career is definitely The Time Machine a book that not only managed to win its readers and remain even today famous for than a century but also changed the genre of what is today known as Science FictionAlong with The Time Machine this collection published by Wordsworth Editions contains also When the Sleeper Wakes a uite different story that takes us to a distant though not completely impossible dystopian future and lastly The Chronic Argonauts a short story that shows Wells s first ideas of the Time Machine The Time MachineThe much famed and not unfairly story of this novel follows the adventures of the Time Traveler as we watch the events through an unnamed narrator he shares through a dinner for friends and fellow scientists his ideas and his desires for traveling into the unknown futureHowever the Time Traveler s desires as they will soon discover are much closer to the reality than they would have ever believed as they re not only is very plausible but they have already become a fact as he has managed to build such a machine and travel to the distant future Only that the Time Traveler s adventures as he will recount them later are something that they certainly did not expect as it will reveal to them of a future much different from what they would have imagined and could also change humankind s fate foreverIt s a simple and fast story though yet despite its age it still manages even today to win you with Wells showing his strong and vivid imagination and his wonderfully enchanting writing as he describes us and especially in the last chapters of a truly unbelievable futureIt s a book that could easily be characterized as a landmark for the genre of Science Fiction as it has affected not only future writers but all the readers who managed to travel to these magical adventures of this story and love them 8510When the Sleeper WakesThe second novel follows Graham a simple man that lives in London in the late 19th century that has been cursed with a disorder that no other human would have wanted that of insomniaBut with the help of Isbister a young artist who will meet him and invite him to his home he will perhaps manage to find a solution and help him sleep Only that this will come in the most bizarre way and when he finally wakes up he will discover that this sleep has kept him under for much longer than he would have ever believed and with his life now changed forever he will find himself in a distant future and in a different and completely unknown world that he wouldn t have dreamed even in his wildest dreamsHowever when the awakening of the mythical Sleeper gets released he will find himself against a new system that wants the world s power and it will put him in a great adventure that may well bring chaos and destruction to the entire humankindIt s a uite large story that takes a lot of elements that Wells created in The Time Machine But nevertheless this story I believe manages to stand out on its own way as having now taken some experience in the late 19th century Wells s writing becomes even beautiful and uite significantly stronger that shows also and a much matured and even loveable WellsOn the other hand in this story also stands out and his incredible and very prophetic ideas that give too their own flavour in this world as he brings his first creations of the airplanes and of his aeropiles some extremely fantastic insect like flying machines as he develops also some other similarly imaginations later in The War in the Air Last but not least it is worth to mention that the story was revised later by Wells in 1910 and changed its title to The Sleeper Awakes however I believe that its original form is not only very good but also shows the true HG Wells the one we all love 8510The Chronic ArgonautsThe last story of this collection follows the adventures of Dr Nebogipfel an unusual inventor that after an unfortunate incident in a small Welsh town he reveals to Reverend Cook his mysterious creation of the Time Machine This story is split into two parts the first two chapters follow an unnamed author as he tries to find out the events of Dr Nebogipfel s adventures that took place while in the next two we see the events through flashbacks from Reverend Cook s side as he is faced with the laboratory of this unusual scientistIt s a pretty short story without giving a very considerable time to the development of the plot or even to the characters themselves but despite that the main idea that led to the much loved Time Machine is pretty good It certainly doesn t reach the same level with the other two stories but I think it is worth a look for anyone who wants a glimpse of Wells s first ideas of the Time Machine 6510Overall these three stories share the same theme but they re in the end much as they share the ideas that brought Wells much higher than anyone would have ever imagined and made all of us to love him

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FREE DOWNLOAD Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ H.G. Wells READ ✓ De tijdmachine en andere verhalen H.G. Wells ¶ 0 READ Rnuftig verhaal van een inbraak op een kasteel het andere een charmante schets van een mislukte verloving of van een afgewenteld faillissement Er is er een bij over een toverwinkel een andere over een geestverschijning op een herensociëteït Deze verhalen boeiend en met humor geschrev. The Time Machine and Other Works contains three of the most emblematic Wells stories The Time Machine so unexpected that even today is a hallmark of the science fiction genre The Sleeper Wakes which was a very pleasant surprise as I did not expect to like it as much as I did than The Time Machine and the short story The Chronic Argonauts a predecessor to the The Time MachineThe Time MachineThis was the title that brought me to this book as it is perhaps the most famous work from Wells The story as are the next two is meant to provoke discussion about the natural evolution of society and the evolution of Humanity as a whole That it does marvelously it is told by a witness that met the Time Traveler before he went on his journey to the future and after he returned from itThe story itself isn t so much about time travel as it is about criticizing the gap between the working class and the aristocracy that ruled at the time It shows the way that Wells sees society will evolve if the class gap kept widening as time passed creating two starkly contrasted species of human beings the Eloi whimsical weak and pointless creatures that represent that natural evolution of the aristocrats and the Morlock predatorial albino creatures that cannot bear the sunlight the future of the working classBoth have devolved into witless creatures as a conseuence of the evolution of the confort of high class at the cost of disconfort of the working classNature retook the earth as humanity became stagnant and the Time Traveler tells his account of what he saw going even further into the future and seeing the death or the dying of the Earth with gigantic beings inhabiting the dying planetWells tells this story his vivid imagination clearly shown in this work most of it in the direct account of the Time Traveler keeping me enthralled in his work However the presence of Deus ex Machina is the only thing I can point out as wrong with the workDespite that the work is meant to awaken the reader to the conseuence of the socitety they live in and what can happen should the class gap continue to grow and it does that splendidly910The Sleeper WakesTo me this was the best story of the three It tells the story of a man that goes into an almost supernatural hibernation and awakes than 200 years later and owns than half the Earth being the Master He is directly faced with the Council a tyrannical group of people that ruled in his stead crushing the working class to keep its wealth and lifestyle that attempted to kill him to hold its powerHe is liberated at moment of his assassination attempt joining a Revolution to attempt to overthrow the government with Ostrog the boss as its leader This phase of the story shows how the masses became a single being and compared the city itself as a living being using the working class as its lifeblood and the confusion of the Revolution where he was lost in the maze that was the cityIt then goes on to criticize the greediness and falsehood of most human beings as Ostrog himself uickly shows his tyrannical ideals and is now a new version of the Council attempting to imprison the Master to maintain his power who escapes and joins a second revolution to retake the Earth from Ostrog and restore euality to the society culminating in his ultimate sacrifice simultaneously saving the city from Ostrog and releasing his hold on the world through is deathThis was a beatiful story keeping me enthralled in it from start to its amazing ending9510The Chronic ArgonautsThere is not much to be said of this short story beyond being the initial presentation of the ideas that led to the Time Machine Still it is aesthetically a good story and is a good read if you want to see how it evolved into better story that is generally known from Wells710


FREE DOWNLOAD Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ H.G. Wells READ ✓ De tijdmachine en andere verhalen H.G. Wells ¶ 0 READ Een voorloper van de tegenwoordige 'science fiction' vol vreemde situaties schrik en stimulerende verbeelding Dit is het genre dat Wells in zijn eerste periode zo bekend maakte Maar ook in de andere verhalen ofschoon reëler van opzet is de fantasie geenszins afwezig Het ene is een ve. Much like the Time Traveller s Time Machine this book nearly drove me insane The Time Machine is a good story but The Sleeper Wakes was very dragged out