Title : Nine Lives
Format : Paperback
Pages : 224 pages
Publisher : John Varty
Language : English
ISBN : 9781770221321

Hunter poet musician cameraman and game ranger John Varty is South Africa's best known and most controversial wildlife conservationist He has been living and working in the wild since early childhood when his passion for nature was ignited Nine Lives is the fascinating tale of this magnetic figure's progression from hunter to filmmaker to conservationist It is also the remarkable story of a lifelong affair with nature In Nine Lives Varty narrates the adventures trials mishaps and triumphs of his extraordinary life from hunting lions at the age of twelve and teaching the orphaned lion cub Shingalana how to hunt for food to spending last moments with the badly mauled Mother Leopard whom he had been following and filming for years before she crawled into a termite mound to die He reveals the secrets behind his close relationships with certain big cats and invokes the terror of his own narrow escapes from death including a dangerous encounter with crocodiles and a near fatal helicopter crash Captivating often humorous and deeply moving Nine Lives is a passionate account of a life lived to the full by a man driven by an intense love of the wild