Title : Obsession Breaking Elena #1
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 84 pages
Publisher : Regina Shiderly
Language : English

When Elena Trainor found out she needed five thousand dollars uickly she had no plan in mind Then serendipity dropped into her lap Things began to happen plans fell into place She didn’t know couldn’t know that behind the scenes there was a puppet master And she was the puppet This is the story of twenty year old Elena Elena makes a difficult choice and decides she has to break the law to get to where she needs to be When she’s caught she has to decide if she is going to play the only card she has giving up her v card to a man old enough to be her father WARNINGS This is Part One of a novella Coming soon is part two Breaking Elena Twisted This story contains strong language in the form of dirty talk and cursing This story is meant for adults only This story also contains elements of age play virgin first time sex This is not a typical feel good romance story It is an erotic love story but that love story is horrifyingly twisted Read at your own risk