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Read & Download The Desire to Touch ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free N a hotel Ellie meets Trey Thomas who is a hot movie star Trey is attracted to Ellie and this is the story of Ellie's insecurities and Trey's e. I was given a copy of The Desire to Touch in exchange for an honest reviewEllie is a Brit currently living in a New York hotel with her uncle and cousin after she was hurt It is at this hotel that she literally runs into Trey Thomas not realizing that he is an A list Hollywood actor Right away he is intrigued by Ellie and a few unexpected meetings happen with the two of them The Desire to Touch is the story of Ellie s insecurities and Trey s emotional story of angst romance and mysteryI really enjoyed the story Ellie and her insecurities and her lack of gracefulness make her very realistic and I uickly became interested in her life in New York She s tried so hard to overcome a traumatic e

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Read & Download The Desire to Touch ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ellie has a traumatic and terrifying experience whilst living in England so moves to American t live with her Uncle and Cousin Whilst working i. I really enjoyed this story of Ellie and Trey well written and kept me interested throughtout the story Definitely worth the read Seuel Desire to Love out in June 2013I would have given this book four star rating but I m sick of reading a book then have to wait months for the seuel plus the extra cost involved in having to purchase books to find out the ending I don t mind paying for a seuel if I m forewarned when I buy the 1st book ideally in the titlethat there is than one book then I can make an informed choice as to whether aI want to buy the book orbCan I afford the cost of purchasing books to find out the ending Like buying a pair of shoes pay for one then wait for months for the

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Read & Download The Desire to Touch ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Motional story of angst romance and mystery The seuel Desire to Love out 1st June 2013Rated 18 due to sexual content and explicit language used. I could not put this book down The fact that you have to wait for the next book usually annoys me I cannot wait to read the next one tho I am expecting drama and can t wait to read how it all endsI fell in love with the characters and the angels Ellie is clumsy and it just makes her real I really like that there is comedy in it and I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions I have recommended this book to my friends

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