Title : Finally Lose It: A professional woman's guide to stop dieting, fix your hormones and overcome weight loss resistance
Format : Paperback
Pages : 304 pages
Publisher : Dr. Sarah Wilson ND
Language : English
ISBN : 1775247104

“Whole body total healing feel the best version of yourself” – Mallory S patientHave you been struggling to lose weight Are you feeling defeated by a vicious cycle of dieting getting no results and spiralling into self doubt Have you said over and over again that you feel like your metabolism is brokenYou are not alone What you are dealing with is weight loss resistance But don’t worry your body is giving you clues as to the causes of your weight loss resistance Clues like stubborn weight around the abdomen skin tags or changes to your skin’s pigmentation digestive discomfort difficulty falling or staying asleep fatigue throughout the day joint aches and pains and getting “hangry” between meals If any of these sound familiar your metabolism may be sabotaging youThis groundbreaking comprehensive and compassionate book will be your guide to decoding the clues your body is giving you and ultimately help you lose stubborn weightIn Finally Lose It naturopathic doctor and researcher Sarah Wilson reveals how your seemingly unrelated issues with sleep stress digestion and hormones may all be causing your weight loss resistance Dr Sarah pulls from years of personal experience overcoming weight loss resistance as well as her career helping improve the lives of hundreds of busy professional women She will show you that being overweight is not your destiny You do not need one fad diet one tasteless “diet food” meal You need Finally Lose It a 30 day step by step plan to take your life back into your controlThis four week program will work to balance multiple systems of the body so that you can get to the root cause of your weight loss resistance and heal once and for all What you will learnExactly how your metabolism works and why it has stopped workingSimple fixes for elements of your day to day life that are sabotaging your successYour perfect health strategy with 3 program levels for weight loss support and uizzes to further personalize your planHow simple and rapid weight loss can be when someone holds your hand every step of the wayDr Sarah writes “This book is for women who feel as though their doctors are missing something It is for the women who do all the “right” things—eat a little exercise a lot and push themselves to be better—while getting no results This book will educate you about what causes weight loss resistanceand you will discover what you need to do to overcome your obstacles”Follow the advice in this book and you will change your waist line your health and your life