The Gourmet Detective Gourmet Detective Mystery Book 1 [Free Read] Author Peter King

The Gourmet Detective Gourmet Detective Mystery Book 1

Characters ↠ The Gourmet Detective Gourmet Detective Mystery Book 1 ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Meet the Gourmet Detective A chef turned culinary sleuth the Gourmet Detective tracks down obscure ingredients and unravels difficult recipes for rival restaurateurs until a guest. It has good potential for a series Some of the humor was laugh out loud and I enjoyed the shout outs to a number of my fav mystery writers I recommend planning out a very nice meal or at least some yummy hors d oeuvres to have on hand while you read the food descriptions are mouth watering I could have done without the almost constant wardrobe listing for each female our main character bumps into That the female detective was wearing a burgundy linen suite was completely irrelevant to the plot things like that And I found the appearance critiues for all of the female characters annoying as well ieshe would have been attractive if she lost weight dressed better wore makeup etc etc Criticism aside it was an interesting premise the plot flowed smoothly There were a nice array of suspects and enjoyable side characters I look forward to reading the follo

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Characters ↠ The Gourmet Detective Gourmet Detective Mystery Book 1 ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Unexpectedly drops dead at the prestigious Circle of Careme dinner Drawing upon his epicurean and investigative skills the Gourmet Detective hunts the killer among omelettes Bour. A mystery to really sink your teeth into 35 starsA copy of this novel was provided to me for review via NetgalleyIn the first book of this culinary mystery series we are introduced to the Gourmet Detective a man renowned for tracking down hard to find ingredients for high calibre eateries and answering the most tricky of food uestions This time though he may have bitten off a bit than he can chew after he inadvertently gets pulled into solving the murder of an investigative journalist at a high end dinner party A bit of real sleuthing is called for as he eagerly follows in the footsteps of his hallowed fictional detective heroes working with Scotland Yard in a bid to crack the perplexing case for which there are any number of suspectsWhen I am reading culinary mysteries the first uestion I ask myself is does it make me feel hungry The answer

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Characters ↠ The Gourmet Detective Gourmet Detective Mystery Book 1 ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Guignonne and vats of Madeira sauce Featuring many real recipes and actual cooking techniues this delightful mystery is a charming romp through the kitchens of the finest gourmand. Okay hmm I ve read the whole series now I m not going to do individual book reviews some of them are better than others but they re all enjoyable uick reads Then again throw gourmet food and wine into anything and I m likely to add some points to it in my mind Bizarrely though given that I gave all the books three stars I don t know that I recommend them Had they been written fifty years ago I d give them some slack but here are my issues with well all of themThe gourmet detective himself our protagonist is an unlikable twit He s a middle aged pretentious white man with delusions of self importance He fancies himself a ladies man and of course manages to get one or another into bed trailed off never portrayed just make sure we know it happened wink wink in all or almost all the books He s misogynistic racist and classist He fancies himself a connoi

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