PDF epub The Secret Journal of Brett Colton by Kay Lynn Mangum

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  • The Secret Journal of Brett Colton
  • Kay Lynn Mangum
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  • 06 January 2019
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CHARACTERS ¾ The Secret Journal of Brett Colton SUMMARY Ò SMALL-HOUSES.RU ´ Kay Lynn Mangum Tball jock who even worse is a Mormon Author Kay Lynn Mangum brilliantly weaves the dual stories of a dying brother and a coming of age sister who learn the importance of loving our family and our friends and nurturing our faith. I read this book regularly in high school but I hadn t read it in years I learned several things while revisiting one of my favourite high school books 1 The writing is not that uality The dialogue is a bit painful at times and most of the writing falls into the hard to describe category of obvious But you know what The low uality writing works really well for Brett s journal entries It makes it realistic 2 Kathy is not misunderstood she is a brat Oh what perspective adulthood provides 3 The Kathy and Jason romance is still boring I still don t care and maybe care even less That jock and his tutor trope has never worked Give up on that trope o ye writers of the world 4 Brett and Brett s journal are still phenomenal 5 The story is still high uality It s just a good and uplifting story that I ll read again and again 6 There is some character development in the Kathy department Light applause for that


The Secret Journal of Brett Colton

CHARACTERS ¾ The Secret Journal of Brett Colton SUMMARY Ò SMALL-HOUSES.RU ´ Kay Lynn Mangum Kathy Colton can t stand her brother Brett Her family talks as if he were perfect All Kathy knows for sure is that Brett is dead He died of leukemia when he was sixteen and she was only two But when Kathy turns sixteen she disco. This is one of THE BEST books I have ever read It tells of a story of a girl named Kathy whose older brother Brett died of Cancer when she was two and he was seventeen Nobody has ever kept any photos of her childhood or any dates nobody even remembers her first word because around this time was when Brett was dignosedEveryone in her family talks of how he s so perfect and she soon begins to dislike the brother she doesn t remember Then when she turns 16 she discovers her brothers journal that he wrote just for her she soon realizes that she was the baby that kept him going through his troubles that he didn t want to die because he would have to leave the only person who really listened and understood him her She even realizes that she loved him so much when she was young they were unable to be separated This tale teaches you that you should appreciate everything big and little notice everything before you dont get the chance any Through Kathy and Bretts struggles you learn to be grateful for your family and friends and to never take them for granted Watch how Kathy changes as she reads his journal and watch her in her test of faith as things start turning around This book I read in one day and it brought me to tears by page 90 i d have a box of tissues at hand

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CHARACTERS ¾ The Secret Journal of Brett Colton SUMMARY Ò SMALL-HOUSES.RU ´ Kay Lynn Mangum Vers her brother s hidden journal a journal written especially for her and learns about the brother she never knew At the same time Kathy is mortified by an assignment to tutor the popular high school uarterback Jason West a foo. this book is so amazing aaahhh I loved it so much It s so sad it makes you want to cry at parts and then other parts you suddenly get interested in recording your life I even bought a cam corder that I ll be using it s on layaway right now Not only is it such a great book but you also learn a little about the LDS religion It s so amazing aaahhh I love it It makes me feel very good