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  • 04 January 2019
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The Serpent The Gameshouse #1 Free download ¸ 105 Be invited to compete in the higher league a league where the games played are of politics and empires of economics and kings It is a league where Capture the Castle involves real castles where hide and seek takes place on a scale as. This is a story set in 17th century Venice Thene sp is married off to an abusive gambling man several years her senior When she attends a games house with him watching him gamble away her money she is pulled into a much serious endeavour by the shadowy Gameshouse She and four other candidates are given the chance at determining the political fortunes of Venice by moving various players of theirs around the city Thene though uiet is ferociously intelligent and adept at political machinations This story was such a pleasure to listen to as the author employs lovely language describing Thene s control over her emotions the city itself and the various individuals Thene must manipulate to win the contest The author also uses an omniscient narrator who speaks directly to the readerlistener like a Greek chorus which is a little odd at first but grows on you as the story progressesOn to the next Gameshouse story

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The Serpent The Gameshouse #1 Free download ¸ 105 Big as the British Isles Not everyone proves worthy of competing in the higher league But one woman who is about to play may just exceed everyone's expectationsThough she must always remember the higher the stakes the deadly the rules. Examines the shadows see her there so proud so straight Thene Thene there is no fear now there is only the player She watches and defies the dark to do her harm it is her dark her night her city to her will it shall bend if it bends to anything at all There are many authors where if one enjoys the genre it is easy to recommend said author Oh you like mystery Then you must read Agatha Christie Oh you like humour and can put up with scifi Go read Douglas Adams and so on and so forth Claire North is not one of those authors I believe this to be due to her books all having premises that are slightly strange and a use of language that is shall we say vivid Not in an extreme way where one is unsure of what they have read after but in that she simply uses ideas that I don t believe I ve ever seen At least not uite as North does them Which leaves me with a bunch of works that I love but am not always sure if I can recommend At best I can say to read some reviews and compare our read shelves to see if we kind of agree on how we rate things and see how it feels to you Find a couple of pages of sample text somewhere to get a feel for the language Definitive answers I cannot provideThe Serpent does nothing to change any of the above This first novella in the Gameshouse trilogy of novellas has four players competing for a single opening in the upper levels of the Gameshouse where people bet interesting things than simple coin and jewels Things such as years worth of youth to be immediately extracted from the loser at the end of the game How this works and who runs the Gameshouse is not explained though their motives are routinely uestioned You would wager your happiness You would gamble with your self esteem Good God don t play for joy not yet not when there are so many lesser things you could invest in We follow one of the four players each of whom has been given a person they are expected to make the king of Venice a list of people who are in position to assist them and some funds to get them started It s all very political and calculating Some of you will hate it But that s not why I can t recommend this to every Joe Schmoe I come across No that is due to how the story is told to the reader There are two unusual things about the telling of The Serpent One is our narrator We don t know who our narrator is and never learn only that they are interested in the outcome of the game or at the least in its players We don t know their stake in anything if they even have one We don t know if they are reliable or not We don t know why they are telling us this story The second thing is related to the first and that is the style in which the story is being told It is very conversational Like so conversational that I wondered if I was better off buying the audiobook to listen to it I still wonder if it was written to be audio and made as an ebook as an afterthought There are no print versions of this book after all Like someone telling you a story it doesn t spend an incredible amount of time describing the lovely hillside but it will give you opinions about our players as our narrator sees fit Also like someone just talking it doesn t stay on one thing for two long There are 44 chapters in this novella This is the first chapter in its entirety She is gone she is gone The coin turns and she is gone Obviously most aren t that short but our narrator isn t worried about padding out the story for you They also don t care about explaining things to you that our protagonist doesn t understandknow yet They do slip in small paragraphs of backstory about other people from time to time though which is welcome and pretty interestingI ll admit it took me a bit to get into the writing style There are no uotation marks though each new speaker is noted with a before their line I didn t have any trouble following it and honestly didn t really note their absence until largely through the story but the overall tone takes some getting used to So all of that is how this struck me as a little odd and why I m not just pushing this in your face and saying read this read this read this But if you enjoyed North s other works the idea of people treating the entire world as a game sounds intriguing and perhaps if ambiguity makes you happy instead of annoyed spend 2 on this There is only one reason only one why you should embark on this game Would you like to know it Yes I would The ueen of Cups leans in closer whispers her lips brushing the ridges of Thene s ear You play to win she breathes That is all

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The Serpent The Gameshouse #1 Free download ¸ 105 In 17th Century Venice exists a mysterious establishment known only as the Gameshouse There fortunes are made and fortunes are broken over games of chess backgammon and every other game under the sunBut those whom fortune favours may. 5This book is the most aesthetic thing I ve ever read It s one of those books I wish existed but never actually believed would be a thing and it s realSo the main character Thene walks into the gamehouse and ends up becoming an amazing game player She gets invited by the gamemaster to the upper league to compete in a game in which if she wins she gets any wish she wantsThene competes against 3 other players The game she is given is a game of kings She and the other players are assigned a candidate To win the game her candidate needs to win the vote to ascend the throne and become a king Each of the players are given a silver box with the rules of the game and cards The cards represent people that own debt to the gamemaster and can be used as pieces by the players for information or action to elevate their own king s position or to cut down another king s position to the voting publicThe reason why I said this book is the most aesthetic thing ever was a mixture of the imagery and the writing Thene has the silver box cards a white mask the grey gloves the coin She was also so clever and I loved her so much Another thing is that there are so many uotable lines from this story The whole vibe of this story was just so funThe next thing is both a pro and a con A lot of the lines are very ambiguous A lot of actions are heavily implied but aren t explicitly stated It makes the story a ton of fun to think about and interpret but if I don t get a few of the lines I m confused for a good while At around 60% in I started to understand a lot of things I didn t get the first time so I went back and reread a few things and was like ugh I wish I understood it the first time Stay sharp when readingAs I continued reading however I actually started liking that I wasn t so sure of everything It really made me rack my brain and also really contributed to the uotable lines and game player aesthetic All things are chance Nature is chance Life is chance It is a human madness to try and find rules where there are none to invent constraints where none exist The only thing that matters is the choice So choose ChooseAre we perhaps a little sad Have we who know the turning of the times and have heard whispers of a future not yet named developed some semblance of sentimentality that clouds us to the truth of things Do we wish to be victorious and humane How foolish we have become in our old age How unwise We must purge this sentiment from our souls and remember again and again it isthe victory it is the win The rest is only a cageThese are you streets Thene they are yours you made them yours you took them because no one was willing to give you grabbed at a future and made it yours you have the courage you have the strength do not fear do not fear and runShe nearly shrieks with rage at the vanity of the man This is why men need to be played she wants to scream for I do not possess such a great ego as you do I have not invested my heart and my self esteem in the flattery of other men only in victory in victory which now you threaten to suander I know grief she replied and rage I know them so well that I think they have burnt a part of me to ash leaving only the shape of what they were inside me and not the feeling itself