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  • Hardcover
  • 272
  • Молоко з кровю
  • Liuko Dashvar
  • Ukrainian
  • 18 June 2018
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Liuko Dashvar ↠ 3 characters

review Молоко з кровю 103 characters Молоко з кровю Яке то щастя зустріти свою половинку і покохати Коли душа сягає неба коли розумієш ось твоя доля Першій красуні на селі Марусі.

characters Молоко з кровю

Молоко з кровю

review Молоко з кровю 103 characters Молоко з кровю ?ки німця в поламаних окулярах От тільки чомусь щоночі йде він до бузкового куща біля Марусиної хати і щоночі вона відчинає вікн.

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review Молоко з кровю 103 characters Молоко з кровю румунці до пари став Льошка розумний красивий успішний то й жити б їм як королям І яке їй діло до сусіда хирлявого рудого Стьо?. Sometimes in life people start game game of love Cause of what society and other ppl say and it really makes us worry what they think about our life choices of the way that we live We can t except ourself and start to live the way just to suite someone standards So we can t marry the one the we love and the one that we love doesn t resist this game except all the rules Weather it s cause of that man is super weak and he let woman to rule cause can t make his own choice and take what he wants weather he somehow start to enjoy the game that he involved Then marry other ppl where they spend days with them having casual talks and living just normal life but heart is always somewhere else So by involving other ppl they forgot that they will ruin life s of those ppl or those ppl could ruin their They loosing all just cause their was scared of something scared of society that could laugh at their relationship or won t understand them And in the end of loosing all was it worth it to let be ruled by society where this society kills u at the end And just one sentence another choice could make their life completely differentclosing ur soul love won t come happiness dying without fresh breathsome ppl wait for love for all their life and think that those ppl who felt it luckiest ppl in the world and someone ruining all from the beginning Maybe sometimes ppl should let their feelings to control and not always find logic in every single thing Who knows at the end we won t know it if never try it