Title : Mafia against GodRevelation
Format : Paperback
Pages : 86 pages
Publisher : Galina Dymkova
ISBN : 9780970444202

Complex multifaceted fear is a creative force behind destruction Ancient philosophers recognized it as a power which does not permit a person to reach perfection in his spiritual development An aspiration to conceive the mystery of creation has led Man to healing with energy via magic a craft believed necessary in order to know thyself An interest in the concepts of eternity and reincarnation keeps attracting people to the studies of ancient cultures and their spiritual healers where people seek wisdom for their health and relationship problems The cruel and diminishing feeling fear of being alone robs a person of hope to be happy and does not allow him to find a mate who understands his soul Individuals interested in controlling people at a distance use religious convictions about the coming of Messiah to artificially organize cults where through fear they influence people's minds from the inside with the help of a psychotronic warfare The results of such activities are hallucinations with voices and visions which include appearances of Jesus Christ and flying saucers chaos and mass suicides In order to be free of fear a person must learn the Law of Thought and its manifestation in his reality A tormented human soul is the source of all diseases both physical and mental Every time a person since childhood suffers humiliation betrayal or injustice through the course of his life damage is done to his soul The impact of negative destructive energy causes inner devastation that manifests as all kinds of diseases The uestions “What is the purpose behind the creation of mankind Is it possible to get rid of fear How to heal a human soul” will be answered in this book Those who read “Mafia against God” will receive cure from schizophrenia split personality disorders depression physical diseases that stem from emotional problems and traumas associated with divorce abuse and tragedy