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READ & DOWNLOAD Never a Hero FREE READ æ Never a Hero Marie Sexton ´ 0 FREE READ Uch he flirts how attracted to Owen he seems to be or how much time they spend together Nick always pulls awayCaught between his mother’s contempt and Nick’s stubbornness Owen makes a decision It’s time to be the hero of his own story and that means going after what he wants not just Nick but the full life he deserve. PLEASE NOTE This is the first Tucker Springs series book I ve read and it works very well as a stand alone although characters from other books make brief cameosOwen has burrowed himself into a life revolving around his duplex apartment he works from home has his groceries delivered and has no close personal relationships He listens to his downstairs neighbor play the piano at night and wishes he could marry her Not because he s attracted to her but it would make his mother happy and he wouldn t be so lonely Owens mother is a stone cold btch easily edging out Joan Crawford for The Worse Mother EVER Owen s left lower arm is missing due to an congenital amputation amniotic band restriction before birth and all his life Owen s mother has belittled demeaned and bullied him resulting in his childhood stutter and low self esteem Owen thinks of himself as a one armed shut in with borderline social anxiety You basically want to shelter Owen and protect him from the world while gently nudging him out of the nest and into a nice relationship Friendly charming and smokin hot Nick moves into the lower duplex apartment with his girls his three dogs and it soon becomes apparent Nick is that nice guy that Owen deserves Nick s sister had an amniotic band restriction as well her right arm rather than Owen s left and Nick truly understands And Owen likes Nick for so many reasons Because he was patient Because he was direct yet not insensitive Because he never laughed at me and he made me feel safe But Nick has a secret view spoilerNick describes himself as dying of HIV and has decided to never again have an intimate relationship Knowing this book is a reissue I first checked to see if the book was originally printed many years ago but it first published in 2013 Nick s attitude seems a bit archaic given the incredible advances in treatment and longevity hide spoiler

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Never a Hero

READ & DOWNLOAD Never a Hero FREE READ æ Never a Hero Marie Sexton ´ 0 FREE READ Owen Meade is in need of a hero Sheltered ashamed and ridiculed by his own mother for his sexuality his stutter and his congenital arm amputation Owen lives like a hermit rarely leaving his apartment He hardly dares to hope for until veterinarian Nick Reynolds moves in downstairsCharming handsome Nick steals past Owen’s. 25 starsApparently when I posted my status around 24% and said how much I loved the story I spoke too soon sigh I am going to swim against the current here and say No I DON T like it I am struggling to think if I can say that the story is okay enough for me to give it my so so 3 stars Sadly the feelings I had after finishing this were frustration and discontent I even slept on it thinking that maybe I overreacted and my feelings would change But it didn t When I woke up I still felt very much annoyed with the story So with heavy heart I must say that this is my least favorite from Ms Sexton even against the controversial Saviours of OestendHere are the reasons Most of them will be spoilery and well I am going to RANT about it The rant will be long You have been warned1 Nick s secretview spoilerSo Nick had HIV it is NOT AIDS This is the year 2013 Not the 2000s Not the 1990s Definitely not the 1980s during the first wave of this disease There are a LOT of information out there about the differences between HIV and AIDS I am sure that is what the doctor will first tell their patients That HIV is NOT AIDS and with the right regimen someone with HIV can live their life without ever contracting AIDS Since Nick is a health enthusiast because of it I REFUSE to believe that he doesn t even know the difference between the two So both Owen and Nick keep using the words HIV and AIDS like these are the same thing annoys meThen there s Nick s keeping this as a secret Which is one of my major frustrations of this story Nick is the one who MAKES the move He is the one openly flirting He is the one that gives Owen romantic hope Then he backs off and acts hot and cold You know what PISSES me off That Nick withheld the fact that he s HIV and he tells Owen AFTER they have oral sex Uhm sorry whatOwen is already have low self esteem Nick KNOWS that Owen is a virgin Owen has no experience with sex NONE whatsoever So Nick not telling Owen about his HIV status before they do any sexual activity is just wrong okay Yes you can have sexual intercourse with someone with HIV without catching the virus but THIS should be something that Nick should say beforehand Because the only reason they are doing the oral sex in the first place is because Owen doesn t have condom What if Owen has a condom Will Nick continue with sexual intercourse without even telling Owen of his HIV status And don t get me started on the reason why Nick is keeping this a secret Nick says it himself I realize it s a lame excuse to say Yes Nick it s LAME VERY LAME I can understand if Nick wants to protect his privacy and he doesn t want people to treat him differently But HIV is also not a cough or flu okay He can keep it a secret when they are just friends But when Nick is pursuing romantic relationship Yeah he should ve say something hide spoiler

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READ & DOWNLOAD Never a Hero FREE READ æ Never a Hero Marie Sexton ´ 0 FREE READ Defenses and makes him feel almost normal Meeting his fiery determined little sister June who was born with a similar amputation helps too June always seems to get her way she even convinces Owen to sign up for piano lessons with her Suddenly the only thing standing between Owen and his perfect life is Nick No matter how m. If two things are or less guaranteed to pull a 5 review out me then theyre likely to be anything from Marie Sexton and or less any book from the series Tucker Springs One a favourite author and the other a series that Ive followed and enjoyed from book one I was so hoping that I wouldn t be disappointed because the subject matters could be made to feel very somber sad or gloomy if not handled well But I had faith and that faith was rewarded with a poignant romance that I really loved I read it in one sitting and when I d finished as well as feeling very touched It also left me feeling very contented and satisfied with the final outcome A really sweet tender love story Owens disability and Nicks secret were handled sensitively and thoughtfully and gave the story just the right amount of angst and drama without being too over the top Some stories can overdo the conflict surrounding this type of story line but personally I thought Marie pitched it perfectly The supporting characters whether you love them Nicks sister June or hate them Owens appalling mum the mother from hell are all well rounded and actually add substance to the story they re not just cardboard cut outs Familiar characters pop in from the other books and its nice to see them again if you ve been following the series but I don t feel that you need to have read the other books in the series to enjoy this endearing storyI really fell for both Owen and Nick they had great chemistry just the right amount of sexual tension and even though they were both stubborn at times I never felt the need to roll my eyes or get overly exasperated I just found myself rooting for both of them to realise how good they would be for each other if they could just get past each of their totally understandable uncertainties that were keeping them from giving in to the love growing between them Another great addition to Tucker Springs and its growing family Lovely Thanks Marie

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