S.L. Naeole [ ebook ] Dark Veil (Belonging, #1)

Dark Veil (Belonging, #1)

Dark Veil (Belonging, #1) summary Î 108 read á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ê S.L. Naeole read & download Dark Veil (Belonging, #1) Fallon Timmons didn't know what to expect from the small island her adopted parents grew up on but whatever it was she thought she was prepared for it Then Liam appeared all teeth and venom with a warning to stay away from his sister Audrey and from him It was a warning that she was not going to heed no matter what the stra. Reviewed by MegI love SL Naeole I feel that she s one of the most gifted YA writers in the industry right now and I feel that she is sorely under appreciated That being said I ve discovered the first book she s written that I did not like And that makes me epically sadDark Veil is a book that follows a young girl who s been adopted named Fallon She moves back to her parents hometown with them on Black Cat Rock This small touristy town with a dark side is secretive and the locals do not like Fallon in their midst by no stretch of the imagination In fact it can be simply said that they make things as downright difficult as possible for her Especially Liam who seems dead set on either getting Fallon to leave or killing her whichever ensures that she is unable to discover the town s dangerous secretFirst thing is first Liam was an ass Plain and simple I know others would like to say that he had a reason to be such a jerk but I m sorry I m not buying it He had no reason at all to be the prick he was He was stubborn hateful and prejudiced The one girl who stood up for his little sister who defended her and protected her and befriended her simply because she wanted to be friends and Liam immediately sets out to destroy her I m just not buying it SorrySecondly the dark secret of the town I m not necessarily buying it either A town filled with werepanthers who are forced to consume human flesh or lose their ability to transform is one thing but when these werepanthers have lived on this island for years and people have disappeared on the island for years and so forthI m just not buying it that someone hasn t caught on to something Or at least the tourist industry hasn t been damaged by the rumors to some degree Also I have a hard time standing behind any characters who flat out refuse to see the main heroine as anything but their dinner Seriously I m supposed to like Liam Nope can t do it SorryThirdly all the secondary characters kinda suck too This just isn t up to par with Naeole s normal work I feel that the characters are underdeveloped the plot is rushed not well thought out and not executed in a believable way Even in paranormal fiction there has to be some degree of believability in a story or else it s just nonsenseAs I said I love SL Naeole s books Her Falling from Grace series is breathtaking albeit a bit long Her Faeble series is off to a good start and her latest book uiver is unbelievably good I just feel that Dark Veil isn t up to par with her normal work and by no means should anyone judge the rest of Naeole s books on this one but unfortunately I have to say I won t be reading the second installment in this series Sad breaks my heart to say that but true

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Dark Veil (Belonging, #1) summary Î 108 read á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ê S.L. Naeole read & download Dark Veil (Belonging, #1) Called is the home of the Panthus shape shifting cats of magnificent size and strength who live in their human skins only to protect their secret During the day they catch fish to sell or wait on and serve the tourists who come to visit their island but at night the fangs come out and the hunt begins as tourist becomes pre. I sat down and read this book cover to cover I couldn t put it down From the minute you start reading it there is a realistic draw between the characters There is Fallon the adopted army daughter that moves with her parents to a small island town that is run basically on tourism and the kids there have to work there tails off to meet the demands of the trogs There is Audrey the only friend on the island that willing excepts Fallon and happens to have her own handicap of her own that can be dangerous at times Then there is Liam the troubled dark scarred boy that has this draw to Fallon but shows it in all the wrong ways They fight non stop and unfortunately see each other a lot because Liam and Audrey are sister and brother This book is awesome and I hope that there will be to come

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Dark Veil (Belonging, #1) summary Î 108 read á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ê S.L. Naeole read & download Dark Veil (Belonging, #1) Ngely attractive boy saidLiam Mace was used to seeing the tourists on the Rock and looked especially forward to them leaving But Fallon wasn't leaving In fact she was staying Worse his sister was growing attached to her and that was never a good thing You never become attached to your foodBlack Cat Rock or the Rock as it is. Let me start by saying that I finished this book in one sitting and was up until 4am doing so I don t really know how to begin The characters in the book were awesome I really liked Fallon and Audrey Despite his asshole attitude I liked Liam too Unlike in a lot of YA books where the guy is a jerk Liam has a reason to act the way he does Perhaps not a great reason but in the mind of a 1718 year old boy it was pretty valid Not to give anything away but the monsters in this book were unlike most I ve read about and at times it was a little hard to digest You want to like them or at least some of them but it was hard to look past some of their actions I did think a few things progressed too slowly for my liking and now I m dying to read the next book Also there were a few things that bothered me one including how Josh knew about what Liam was Or if they are actually reuired to hunt or not Maybe I just missed something

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