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Summary Her Majesty the Virgin Her Royal Harem #2

review Her Majesty the Virgin Her Royal Harem #2 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free It doesn’t matter if uinn is chiseled to perfection and I’ve never wanted a man than I want him or that his heart has never belonged to anyone but me or that he’s crawling toward my feet right nowI can’t have him Because I’m a fucking ueen and he’s an orphan who has chosen to protect me for the rest of his life It doesn. This is the exciting seuel to Her Majesty s Harem where ueen Elysia finds herself playing games with a virgin newcomer to her reverse harem kingdomSPOILER WARNING This review may reveal some surprisesBook Her Majesty the VirginSeries Her Royal HaremGenre Historical Fiction EroticaThis story s BDSM theme has escalated from just a hint in the last story to uite a bit in this one Her Majesty demands complete obedience and a total surrender that precludes the most basic aspects of life such as having a committed relationship or a familyThat is a price many men are willing to pay for their much desired ueen Many of them actually enjoy the punishment she inflicts and they line up with canes crops ropes and other toys for her to dominate them withShe definitely pushes the limits of even the kinkiest men by controlling their orgasms physically overpowering them and sometimes even penetrating themThings get complicated in her kingdom when a new virgin appears and captures her attention She wants him as another toy an obedient servant but he falls madly in love with her and makes her uncomfortable with his vanilla natured intentionsHer Majesty finds herself pulled between her desire to train this fresh virgin man and her longstanding attachment to her favorite guard uinn Sir uinlen has never been allowed to enter her unlike Theo Will his jealousy of Her Majesty s pet virgin turn things toxic Read the story to find outI found myself on the edge of my seat throughout this book the author does a great job at creating tension with ueen Elysia s conflicting desires and the part each man plays in enabling her or trying to put a damper on her excessThe book is a uick and easy read in a style that makes paging through it a breeze I ve hardly ever come to the end of a chapter without finding myself actively imagining what could possibly happen nextThe book also includes a nice little gift in the form of an excerpt from the third book That will be reviewed when I have read the entire book so that I will be able to judge it fairly

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review Her Majesty the Virgin Her Royal Harem #2 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ing a man how to touch me for my own gratification I do now It’s seductive A promise of far far than a uick anonymous coupling What would he feel like when his body strains against mine Would he even know what to do How to penetrate me If he does would it be deep or shallow Rough or gentleWould he please meWould he make me forget. After reading Her Majesty s Harem Her Royal Harem 1 where the characters were interesting and I wanted to read In Her Majesty the Virgin Her Royal Harem 2 you learn about the guards and the reason for the ueen s intimacy restrictions Glad there is to the length of this noveletteI enjoyed the story and can t wait to find out what happens to one of the guards

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review Her Majesty the Virgin Her Royal Harem #2 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ’t change anything though Not about the way he feels about me or the way II need a distraction It has a name Theodore From the moment I laid eyes on Theodore I’ve fantasized about breaking all the rules with him He is a virgin My virgin Everything he is everything he learns will be for me I’ve never before thought about teach. I am in love unlike 1 which is a story this is a novella so it has meat to it I love the into of Theo and how torn the characters The ueen uinn Theo are with honor duty love and lust The bonus chapters are a mixed blessing as this novella leaves you craving and the bonus chapters leave you screaming in frustration I imagine I know how some of these characters now feel

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