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His Secret Life

Read ß His Secret Life Ce officer is the proverbial plain Jane Smart tenacious tough as nails but longing for love Didn't bargain for the danger that surrounds her target Troy Bensonor her irresistible attraction to himSupervisor's Comments On the lam. Not actually a romance book Included in a series and a little hard to follow the overarching story Guy on the run woman investigator finds him for completely different reason Bad guys show up and they re both on the run

Summary His Secret Life

Read ß His Secret Life Mission Find the hero who doesn't want to be foundClient A wealthy businessman who won't rest until he repays the man who saved his family from a car crash and fled the sceneInvestigator Jane Sutton former army counterintelligen. Meh Two plots running parallel to each other is never a good signThe first plot A Colby Agency investigator Jane Sutton is trying to locate a man that doesn t want to be found Troy Benson had saved a woman and her child and then promptly disappeared Not the woman s husband wants to thank him properly but first they have to find the hero and corroborate he doesn t have a criminal pastTroy Benson is an eighty something living the life in a nursing home The thirty something Troy Benson that Jane Sutton has found took on the old man s identity four years ago and is in hiding Unfortunately Jane s investigation appears to have brought his past charging back and Jane is probably the only person who can help him Pity he doesn t want her helpOr anything to do with her or the agency she works forRather weak plot

Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ Debra Webb

Read ß His Secret Life From witness protection Troy lives with a devastating secret from his past and trusts no one Unwilling to let Jane help him reclaim his true identity Reluctant to believe that what she really might find is the hero of her dream. Conspiracies that were unexplained It had a parallel plot that was irrelevant Not great

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  • His Secret Life
  • Debra Webb
  • English
  • 18 September 2019
  • 9781426839450