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Icecapade Characters ✓ 6 Part of His For The Holidays AnthologyOn the eve of the new millennium diamond thief Noel Snow seduced FBI special agent Robert Cuffe then fled into the dawn Now a successful novelist Noel uses his capers as fodder for his books and has modeled his hero's nemesis and potential love interest. 35 stars After a few seconds he became aware of Robert s lips moving almost soundlessly against his ear If you think the earth moved just now imagine what ll happen when I fck you Noel Snow is a retired cat burglar He made a fortune by robbing filthy rich people Noel was forced to retire however after view spoilera climbing accident in the French Pyr n es when he fractured his skull during a bad fall How ironic is that The man knew how to climb facades like no one else and then he lost his euilibrium while climbing the mountains when he was on vacation hide spoiler

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Icecapade Characters ✓ 6 On Cuffe Though he leaves Robert a drunken phone message every New Year's Eve Noel hasn't seen or heard from him in a decadeSo he's thrilled when his former lover shows up at his upstate farm one Christmas Eve Elation uickly turns to alarm when Robert accuses Noel of being responsible for. Wow this was a well rounded and fascinating Christmas novella by the one and only Josh LanyonNoel is breeding horses for a living At least when he isn t writing mystery novels that are becoming and popular The funny thing is the novels are based on his own past when he used to be a cat burglar diamond thief relieving the rich and famous of their sparkling treasuresSimilar to the characters in his book series Noel too had an arch nemesis he fell for FBI Special Agent Robert Cuffe His infatuation for Cuffe even led to Noel seducing the man once on New Year s Eve 1999 which I consider one hell of a way to start into the new millennium10 years later and with all criminal ties long gone Noel is surprised to find Cuffe on his horse ranch s doorstep intending to frame him for a recent diamond theft case This novella basically has Noel and Robert spending Christmas Eve together as a rather unlikely pairing Their time together gets interrupted several times by neighbors in need of help and Noel and Robert assisting them to ensure a nice Christmas for everyone in that remote part of nowhere It s very sweet and heartwarming and I absolutely loved the typical AdrienJake mold that Lanyon uses successfully for so many stories Noel the sophisticated yet unlucky writerslash former thief and Robert the brooding taciturn agent who hides his feelings behind a stony facade at all timesIt s all the beautiful to see the walls eventually crumble between themI absolutely adored this little Christmas romance5 stars

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Icecapade Characters ✓ 6 A recent rash of diamond heists Robert is all business and as cold as ice it seems his only interest in Noel is to put him behind barsInnocent of the crimes and still as attracted as ever to the oh so serious lawman Noel plans a second seduction providing he can stay out of jail long enough. Written June 20 20143 12 Stars a sweet shortie novella that might have been a good story for many pagesIt s Midsummer Eve summer solstice here today Not the warmest one but sunny and always a big festivity holiday in Sweden To start to read an 63 pages icy Xmas New Years Eve novella was maybe a bit strange choise But it is an Josh Lanyon and I got it yesterday se below about the bargain I wake up early and just couldn t stop myself My odd winter story choise was however ultimately successful Icecapade was an enjoyable read and a great start to my day As so often with short novellas is this just too short and I d like to read twice as many book pages about these two men It s sort of a bit too sudden and abrupt endOn the new millenium night 19992000 was the FBI Special Agent Robert Cuffe seduced by the diamond thief Noel Snow Every New Year s Eve leaves Noel a drunken phone message to the attractiv agent he can t forget Ten years later they meet againBy now is Noel an successful crime author and the agent he still remember is his own book hero Nash Blue s nemesis Detective Richard Cross and maybe to be lover The seventh book in the series has just been published and it s the days before Christmas Day a few hours drive outside New York City Noel has horses friendly neighbors and a very good honest smith life in the country nowadays Then it knocks on the door His black eyes held a grim gleam of satisfaction at Noel s obvious shockNoel practially stuttered It syou You mean you can still recognize the orginal I m surprised Cuffe s voice was deep his tone crisp It had softened considerably in Noel s memoryA Lanyon is a Lanyon and always an enjoying read Icecapade is maybe not the best story I read from this author but really good enough It has a interesting second chance topic that could ve been a longer novel but I m glad over what I just got any way There is not any crime drama here as next to always in other JL stories but it is emotional fun steamy and there are two very manly men we meet I like them This kind of chafing rough unshaven slightly insecure and a bit aging heroes are so nice to meet I need to meet their kind at least once a weekI round up to a weak 4 rating It is after all Midsummer Eve a generous day and this is nevertheless a sweet well written JL storyI LIKE nice cozy second chance reading See the anthology for a nice 1 price

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