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Into the Volcano: A Mallory and Morse Novel of Espionage

Into the Volcano: A Mallory and Morse Novel of Espionage review ☆ 5 Nto the Volcano is an homage to James Bond Modesty Blaise and the golden age of the spy thriller a time when America was still innocent and its enemies possessed a dash of Space Age style It takes the reader from New York to Istanbul from Cannes' balmy breezes to the island known as the Dragon's Throne and at last into the molten heart of the Cold W. As the book jacket says this is a homage to all that was good about James Bond back in the 60 s spy era Max Philips writing as Forrest DeVoe does a bang up job Jack Mallory is everything a spy should be and his partner Laura Morse is much

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Into the Volcano: A Mallory and Morse Novel of Espionage review ☆ 5 Beautiful Boston Brahmin and an adept at Floating Hand karate The murdered man was their colleague and the Consultancy has ordered them to exact revenge on the genially murderous Piotr Nemerov and the playboy turned arms dealer Anton Rauth who is holed up in his H in an extinct South Seas volcano preparing for a literally earthshaking confrontationI. The book cover promises people who like James Bond and the Avengers the real ones not the ones from Marvel would love this book I didn t I really like the genre I like strong and capable women sixties settings can be great but this book didn t work for me The spy team made up by Jake Mallory replacement Bond and Laura Morse replacement Emma Peel were introduced without any real flair the book hints on previous team ups but this is the first book they appear in The villain is as cliche a Bond villain as you could ever imagine including the volcano lair and evil designs for the world If this was supposed to be a persiflage on spy thrillers I didn t get it if it was meant to be a serious effort it failed miserablyIf you want a flamboyant spy thriller read Ian Fleming if you want them cold and gritty John LeCarre is your man I also couldn t decide when the book was written the copyright places it at 2004 and a Author s note is dated at 1967

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Into the Volcano: A Mallory and Morse Novel of Espionage review ☆ 5 The year is 1962 John Glenn is in orbit Audrey Hepburn is breakfasting outside Tiffany's Elvis is recording Bossa Nova Baby and in Istanbul a middle aged Dutch spy has just met a fiery death Enter Jack Mallory and Laura Morse clandestine operatives for the Consultancy He's a laconic ex soldier from the oil fields of Corpus Christi; she's a wintrily. James Bond move over Mallory and Morse are two spies for the Consultancy who team up to exact revenge on the men responsible for the murder of a fellow colleague Jack Mallory who has a gift with the women is a skilled and straightforward man that no one would want to mess with His partner Laura Morse is not only beautiful but is a master in the marital arts Together the two are a nearly impossible team to beat In a story that begins in New York and takes the reader to Istanbul the Cannes and the South Seas Forrest DeVoe Jr has put together an action packed adventure that would match any James Bond movie This was not a book I would have picked up on my own while browsing through a bookstore however I thought I would at least put my name in to see if I would be picked as an early reviewer through HarperCollins Publishing s First Look program While at moments in the book my attention waned overall I found the book enjoyable and interesting At times it was a bit unbelievable and a challenge to keep disbelief at bay I possibly would be interested in reading the next book in the series when it becomes available Besides I found a kindred spirit in Laura who keeps a paperback novel in her purse much like I do