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  • Portraits of a Faerie ueen The Faerie Court Chronicles #1
  • Tay LaRoi
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  • 06 November 2019
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Portraits of a Faerie ueen The Faerie Court Chronicles #1

Summary à Portraits of a Faerie ueen The Faerie Court Chronicles #1 ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Summary Portraits of a Faerie ueen The Faerie Court Chronicles #1 Must tread lightly on the thin ice she’s made for herself finish the last of the ueen’s portraits and get as far from the Faerie Realm as possible by October 31st for that is the night of the Hallowed Offering On that night the realm will renew their tie to magic and they will do so in blood If Jocelyn isn’t careful they just might use hers. An easy light contemporary fantasy with a sweet romanceJocelyn is a seventeen year old painter with dreams of community college and maybe someday not drowning in her own guilt for the car accident that put her mother in a coma So what is a young high school dropout to do when month after month her mother just refuses to wake up Clearly the answer is to strike a bargain with the faerie ueen Seven paintings and the ueen will heal Jocelyn s mother Totes easy except the faerie ueen is pretty unbalanced faerie politics prove troublesome and a feisty sister and love interest keep getting in the way of self deprecation and sacrifice CharactersCharacters are generally well rounded Jocelyn is a little thick sometimes but seems to be the driving theme of the novel so I ll leave it be The sister is perfectly voiced for a fourteen year old and plays a perfect role in the book The love interest is neither victim nor passive which I adore The remaining side characters have reasonable arcs and there weren t any real throwaways Pacing and plotThe pacing was fine and the book moved at a good clip however as other reviewers have stated I grumbled at how the book started The accident with Jocelyn s mother and the finding of the faerie realm was just memory not even described backstory and that made this book feel like book two in a series not book one I really want to know how Jocelyn found Faerie I want to feel her emotions after the car crash I want to see the scene where she strikes the deal with this volatile ueen The book could have started at any of these events the one with her striking a deal with the ueen being the clear winner and would have been a much solid hook than Jocelyn delivering her sixth painting I did feel a little let down that I never got to read any of the good parts of the backstory The book was fine as it was I just it s like someone dangled candy in front of my face and then said I couldn t have it That makes me grumblyAge rangeI decided to rate this book as if it were YA instead of adult I m pretty sure it s part of Ninestar s adult line but it really and truly read like a YA If you re looking for adult themes or a heavier romance this isn t the book But as a YA it stands well in terms of romance plot and pacing Jocelyn herself would be a tiring adult protagonist but works very well as an unsure yet full of agency YA protag OverallOverall I really enjoyed the story It moved uickly but not so uickly as to overwhelm the characters were strong and generally likable and it had a sweet little romance Now just someone write the darn backstory out so I can delight in Jocelyn finding Faerie and making a deal with the ueen

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Summary à Portraits of a Faerie ueen The Faerie Court Chronicles #1 ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Summary Portraits of a Faerie ueen The Faerie Court Chronicles #1 After several long stressful months things are looking up for seventeen year old Jocelyn Lennox She’s almost finished with her first commission gig her family has no idea she’s not in school and she can say for a fact that her mother is about to wake up from a coma But when Jocelyn meets and rescues the beautiful Rina Fischler from the depth. I received this book free from NetGalley and NineStar Press in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the type of book I d normally gloss over because the genre is a little tired these days It bears a heavy resemblance to Cassandra Clare s City of Bones in that there is a young woman who is suddenly thrust into an urban paranormal world that she cannot seem to untangle herself from But I was intrigued because it was a YA lesbian romance and I m always game to read genre stories with lesbian charactersAll in all this story is pretty par for the course for the genre There are few surprises some shaky plot points and some muddled world building But it s also a fast paced read with a sweet romance at its heartWe start the story right in the thick of the conflict with teenage main character Jocelyn Lennox who made a deal with the Seelie ueen always a poor choice Jocelyn has to use her art skills to create six portraits of the ueen and then the ueen will wake Jocelyn s mother up from a coma she fell into after an accident Jocelyn feels incredibly guilty about the accident and wants to make sure she can take care of her younger sister Anna so she keeps her head down and does what the ueen asks under the watchful eye of Dominic a faerie knightJocelyn is happy to keep painting and pay her dues until she rescues the beautiful astronomy student Rina from an altercation at a faerie night club As the two teenagers get close Jocelyn finds it hard to keep her involvement with the faerie realm apart from her budding relationship with Rina She s also finding out that there s been uite a bit of unrest in the always volatile faerie world and she definitely doesn t want to get involved in thatThis story is definitely suited towards teens than adults Some YA is enjoyable for all but this one skews younger with a very PG romance and the type of fantasy plot that young readers will get wrapped up in At the same time it seemed like LaRoi wanted to make the characters older but for some reason aged them down Both girls are fully independent and attending college classes at age seventeen and Jocelyn is a heavy smoker which might throw some people off Despite some of these clunky character decisions the romance was light and fun and felt very natural and Rina was a great romantic partner for Jocelyn She s brave bold and not afraid to step in to save her girl even if redcaps might be involvedI liked the romance and the relationship between Jocelyn and her family than I liked the fantasy plots In fact I found them to be pretty boring and a little vague I had zero interest in the politics of the faerie world or in the longstanding drama between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts And the last uarter of the book moved very uickly and introduced too many fantasy tropes that sort of fell flatI think there are a lot of young readers who will really enjoy this one but it wasn t my favorite paranormal romance

Summary Portraits of a Faerie ueen The Faerie Court Chronicles #1

Summary à Portraits of a Faerie ueen The Faerie Court Chronicles #1 ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Summary Portraits of a Faerie ueen The Faerie Court Chronicles #1 Of a seedy nightclub things get complicated For one thing the nightclub is a favorite hangout for local faeries and not all of them are friendly For another their ueen doesn’t like it when humans stick their noses in faerie business For a third the ueen herself is Jocelyn’s commissioner and holds the key to her mother’s healing Now Jocelyn. I have to say that I m not a fantasy fan typically but I really truly enjoyed Portraits Tay s writing is awesome giving me a visual of virtually every word I m looking forward to seeing a series come from this first piece of remarkable fantasy