Title : The Cagliostro Chronicles
Format : Kindle Edition
Pages : 282 pages
Publisher : Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Language : English

Cagliostro Chronicles back cover blurbIn the depths of space out beyond our galaxy’s furthest edge lies danger and deathIn the not too distant future mankind has finally discovered the secrets of faster than light space travel But it is a most dangerous discovery indeed Now Mark Johnson a brilliant scientist and engineer will lead a handpicked crew of adventurers into the unknown where they will discover the truth about the secrets of the much larger universe and the myriad dangers it holds for earth and its citizens Together Mark Johnson and the crew of the starship Cagliostro will travel to the furthest reaches of space to unravel a mystery literally a century in the making a mystery first orchestrated by a shadowy foe beyond the reaches of man’s wildest dreams and one that will decide the fate of not only the crew of the Cagliostro but all of mankind itselfIf the crew of the Cagliostro cannot unravel the depths of the mysteries and dangers that surround the earth like a closing claw of evil mankind itself will not survive Join with us on the inaugural journey of the starship Cagliostro as its crew begins to unravel a conspiracy that will take it beyond the furthest star and into the very heart of adventure