[PDF/EPUB] The Steel Deal by James Blakley

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  • The Steel Deal
  • James Blakley
  • English
  • 07 May 2018
  • 9781592994908
The Steel Deal

FREE READ ë The Steel Deal READ & DOWNLOAD å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù James Blakley E to Santa Fe NM Sonny accepts thinking it's easy money That is until he learns of the case's contents an amazing alloy called sentient steel Soon Sonny risks life liberty and property to keep the revolutionary invention f. My Rating 45 StarsDrawn into the story immediately I was amazed at the wonderful originality of thought within the sentences Mr Blakely conveys ideas with uniueness rarely encountered no worn out tired clich s I absolutely fell in love with this author s voice and style The sentences are particularly well constructed fluid and contained phrases that helped me visualize the story and the characters personalities especially well The whole idea of sentient steel fascinated me and the ramifications of such a technology kept me trying to second guess where the story was headed There were multiple twists and the whole escapade finally unfolded to an ending that was logical though somewhat of a letdown to this Fox Mulder fan This is an exciting story of industrial espionage trendy technology shifty villains and an intelligent courier Told in first person I was kept entertained and fully engaged as Sonny Busco figured out smart solutions to the difficulties he faced while responsible for the contents of a briefcase that could potentially revolutionize society I hope Sonny returns in future adventurous frolicsReviewed by Laurie JReviewed for Night Owl Reviews

READ & DOWNLOAD å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù James Blakley

FREE READ ë The Steel Deal READ & DOWNLOAD å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù James Blakley At 55 big city sleuth Sonny Busco is sinking deep into debt and distrust when suddenly he's thrown a lifeline The chief assistant to a prominent university professor offers 2500 for safe delivery of a confidential briefcas. 4 Stars for The Steel Deal original review at The Steel DealAuthor James BlakleyGenre Hard boiled MysterySuspenseSummaryJust when private investigator Sonny Busco s debts threaten to overwhelm him he s approached for what seems a very simple job given by an attractive young woman He s to take a suitcase carrying an experimental alloy sample to Santa Fe Soon he finds himself running from numerous people who want what he s carrying and aren t afraid of a little violenceReviewWith its struggling PI lead tangled web of investigation and than a few attractive women The Steel Deal is a call back to an older style of hard boiled detective story Not only are the plot and character evocative of those types of stories but the PI s running mental commentary on the case the state of the world and detail oriented view of the world remind the reader of some of the classic hard boiled stories The writing style lends itself to strong primary character development though depending on one s particularly stylistic taste some readers may find the inner monologue excessive Fans of the older style of hard boiled fiction shouldn t mind While the web of secondary characters do not get nearly as much development the various plot twists and interesting uirks help elevate them away from being mere stereotypes even if they are filling some of the reuisite roles in this genre eg femme fataleThough the novel starts off a bit slowly once the main plot is underway the pacing serves the dramatic tension well Whenever the tension threatens to sag an answer revelation or new twist appears to keep the reader engaged Unfortunately the denouement ran a bit long It wasn t enough of a misstep to seriously impact my enjoyment of the plot but it was noticeable There were also some sexual elements in the story that though not inherently out of place in this type of story did seem kind of unnecessary given their particular position in the plotSonny is not a perfect man and indeed arguably a bit of a loser at the beginning of the story but he s a well actualized intelligent individual with an admirable sense of duty to his task Really the issue seems to be a bit of poor impulse control on the part of Sonny a particular tragedy given his obvious intelligence While his motivations aren t exactly the stuff of humanitarian awards he does on balance have enough of a heroic streak to make him both likable and interesting As he s a bit on the older side 55 and not a man of impressive means or physical talents there s a greater tension involved in his scenes of physical danger Rather Sonny uses his wit and intellect to guide him through the case At the same time he s not presented as some sort of improbable Sherlock HolmesI ve noted the classic hard boiled mystery DNA that runs through The Steel Deal but the novel is also a modernized take on the genre The plot takes into account modern technology and neutralizes certain elements of it in entertaining ways In addition the book takes advantage of Sonny s insights and the modern nature of the society to explore additional sociological themes other than just the nature of local corruption or personal greed Taking advantage of the generalized cynicism directed toward all levels of government the novel is also able to weave in larger thriller conspiracy elements that enhance the scope of both the plot and the thematic exploration While I enjoyed these elements admittedly someone who is a hard boiled purist may find them off putting4 stars


FREE READ ë The Steel Deal READ & DOWNLOAD å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù James Blakley Rom falling into a wicked whirlwind of men and women in black whose mission is to secure sentient steel for what appears to be the other side But in a city full of smog and cynicism things are rarely what they appear to be. It all started with the horses Sonny Busco private eye aged 55 thought playing the horses would help him make ends meet Business had dried up and he needed money badly Living without running water or a telephone was not good for business or for him He figured he d cash in on the ponies but as it usually goes he lost Enter Gator Grimes the loan shark Sonny borrows 500 and before you know it it s 1500 When he can t meet the payment deadline friends of Gator come callin Ziggy and Sully don t get uite the reaction they were expecting from Sonny He s like can t we be friends than scared You re too chilly Sully carped You take the fun out of the collection biz Things get worked out and Sonny gets an extension a costly one Then as luck would have it he gets a client Pixy Sage looks like her name She s a petite thing with short platinum blonde hair and black large framed glasses She looks like a school kid But her offer is all grown up 2500 large to retrieve a package and have it in Santa Fe New Mexico in 24 hours Doesn t sound like too big of a deal He could pay off Gator and maybe pay for the repairs on his car The rusty olds still had some life in her and he didn t think the sleek black Stealth he was driving was right for spying on people He kind of stood out from the crowd in it but when Hub offered to loan it to him he couldn t resist It brought back memories of Magnum P I except Sonny s a little slower older and portly Sonny retrieves the package easily enough but before he can even get to his car the men in black appear And the woman who steps out of his loaner is taking the package even if she has to pry it from his cold dead fingers What s a guy to do he tosses it to her and ducks for cover The next sound he hears is his car being driven away So now he has no car no package and no idea where they went The sentient steel in that package must be the real deal Sentient steel makes me think of the cop in Terminator Two It s flexible lightweight and incredibly strong and it can think and become whatever it chooses Now Sonny has a much bigger job and a sleuthing he will go I loved this book The names and expressions the characters use when speaking were reminiscent of the old PI shows I could just see Peter Faulk in Columbo with his rumpled clothes and cloud of smoke following him driving that old clunker His appearance disguised a brilliant deductive mind just like Sonny s I even liked the bad guys How could I not They are so well written The author makes it hard to guess who is telling the truth and who s good or bad He has you spinning like a hamster in his wheel A super mystery in a small package Steel Deal is a very fast story that you ll want to read to the end once you start There s too much fun and action to pick a stopping point