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Fun In a Chinese Laundry Lively Arts Read & Download ¿ E-book, or Kindle E-pub The brilliant director's personal summary 1894 1969 of his chaotic ride through the Hollywo. It took than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily says Dietrich in Shanghai Express expressing as Pauline Kael remarked her most memorable cine line The villain in the piece a Chinese revolutionary played by the Swedish American Warner Oland monotones The white woman stays with me Another classic line except to boring PCers When asked why she s going to Shanghai Lily Marlene replies To buy a new hat The man responsible for all this and Dietrich herself was dir Josef von Sternberg who fused glamour sin shamelessness humor and art in 7 pix he did in the 30s with his Berlin discovery To critics his films with and without Marlene provide the greatest cinematic adventures His stories may be trivial so what but he never viewed content as Important so there For Sternberg 1894 1969 his works represent visual bravura His China Morocco Russia are artificial but there s not a scene or shot that doesn t whack an emotional experience He is a visual poet asserts Andrew Sarris who creates dreams Marlene s career went on for decades as she worked w Lang Wilder Hitchcock but JvS s career came to a dead halt in the early 40s Born into poverty he grew up in NYC as movies were developing as an apprentice he became a master of light shadow His authorship of a film unlike that of muddied others is visible to the blindest eye He even authored or invented himselfA grand poseur he added the von to his name liked to wear riding boots on the set a foulard and beret and strutted around The posing is evident in his always me always compelling ghost written and always bizarre memoir in which he takes credit for everything He won t mention a scriptwriter like Jules Furthman who worked w Hawks a master DP like Lee Garmes who filmed pix for Hawks Hitch Ophuls Vidor or costume designer Travis Banton whose trousers slips frocks veils for Marlene added to her Dreaminessy albeit always asexual presence in all her films I don t think anyone ever had fancies about bedding her The JvS ego crams every page along with bluster fibs and yes wisdomHe reminds us that a director must please a horde of viewers in such diverse cities as London Paris Karachi and Christchurch He also perceives that audiences do not improve with Time Imagine Sophocles competing w a performer who rotates his pelvis As for film actors and acting he stresses that films are not shot in continuity Because lighting camera positions and editing are critical a film actor cannot be held responsible for the performance on screen As for the script to obtain financing you must submit a script yet words cannot describe an image the motion picture has a vocabulary of its own which does not resemble words on paperJvS worked at Paramount which in its heyday was noted for its stylish worldly films via its connection with UFA Lubitsch Billy Wilder and later Sturges were Paramount directors Metro preened a gross luxe Americana Finding Dietrich not exactly an ing nue in Berlin married w child JvS transformed her not only into a Star but also into a Presence which she was smart enough to keep for the rest of her life She learned from him all about the importance of camera angles lighting and costuming Years later when working w Hitch she supervised the same during Stage Fright Hitch s crew ran to him in panic at what she was doing Leave her alone he said she knows He also let her choose her own wardrobe Marlene approved of the JvS invention JvS does not diss anyone The most fascinating section deals with the never finished I Claudius project for Korda in 1937 which is studied in a BBC doc now on YT From get go there was a strain between JvS and Laughton who may not have relished as shooting began playing a fat mincing ueen which he was in real life whatever that is Laughton JvS had rows which delayed the shoot the budget soared Then Anglo Indian actress Merle Oberon the object of Korda s affection he hired JvS to give her as Messalina the Dietrich treatment suffered facial injuries in a car accident and Korda shut down the film It was dubbed The epic that never was Meantime war clouds gathered over EuropeThis memoir is idiosyncratic tough humorless vain and yet and yet you can t stop reading because like a kind of lit ry porn you re waiting for The Money Shot

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Fun In a Chinese Laundry Lively Arts Read & Download ¿ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Od machine including vivid accounts of the making of his films The Docks of New York An Ame. I love biographies about movies and early Hollywood This one is fun for awhile because Josef is a royal douchebag He spends the whole time trying to unpretentiously take credit for every single aspect of everything he has ever been involved in He loves insulting people and then trying to sound gracious about other people s defects It s fun but after awhile it isn t

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Fun In a Chinese Laundry Lively Arts Read & Download ¿ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Rican Tragedy and especially his years with Dietrich his stellar discovery for The Blue Ang. Josef von Sternberg was a filmmaking genius an artist His autobiography is an fascinatingentertaining glimpse into a man who was much misunderstood in his day and since Must see his films first the pre sound collection from Criterion Three Silent Classics plus his icon making work with Marlene Dietrich The Blue Angel Morocco Dishonored Shanghai Express Blonde Venus The Scarlet Empress and especially The Devil is a Woman also The Shanghai Gesture with Gene Tierney and Walter Huston