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Harvesting the Past

REVIEW ´ Harvesting the Past Angelo Palma Ari soon realizes that Silver Bay has a past that may hold the key to current crim. Good bookTook a while to get into then I was hookeda great storyloved the characters tooit was very gripping to the end

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REVIEW ´ Harvesting the Past O Cape Province to investigate but the townsfolk are set against him and remain loyal to wealthy. A story that is reminiscent of the iconic novels by Wilbur SmithMuch can be learned about South Africa by reading this book especially the challenges that face this country as apartheid becomes history and human rights form a nation As an American reader this book was intriguing and the generational story was fascinating The author describes the beauty and the complexity of part of the world few of us will ever experience Aside from that it is a great mystery that is a satisfying read

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REVIEW ´ Harvesting the Past Amid the uncertainties of a newly democratic South Africa a young girl is kidnapped Arion goes t. Absolute five stars outa fiveHow does this author do it This is another excellent example of her powerful writing skillThe story of a teenage girl gone missing and the tenacity of a South African police officer is dynamite His investigation branches off into a multi faceted investigation of fraud drugs kidnapping murder blackmail witness tampering and child abuse all during the political death of apartheid The case goes back decades as Ari the police officer is like a dog after a bone unable to stop as his investigation unearths secrets that lead to uestions Swindells ability to include secondary and third person characters and a well laid out plot with all its convolution is brilliant It was so hard to put this book down even for a few moments is the absolute truth You may think you have it all worked out until the next revelation is made Having been employed in law enforcement and the ensuing investigations during my own career I have high praise for the author here An absolute definite recommendation to readers Enthralling story here High five to Swindell