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Free download My Cross to Bear Free download ↠ My Cross to Bear ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Read ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF È Gregg Allman For the first time rock music icon Gregg Allman one of the founding members of The Allman Brothers Band tells the full story of his life and career in My Cross t. I thought Gregg Allman s autobiography was very honest and straightforward and enjoyed learning about him and the rise and fall of the Allman Brothers Band Drugs and alcohol doomed this band as it did so many other great bands and Allman s recounting of his addiction is tragic and sad He was finally able to overcome his addiction after many attempts After reading this book I can understand now why Allman could wail the blues in the manner that touched the soul His early life was one of extreme poverty with his dad being murdered when Allman was 2 years of age and Allman is unable to remember him His older brother by one year Duane became the man of the family and stepped into the role with amazing ability for one of such a young age Gregg Allman adored Duane and was very dependent upon him Their mother not being able to support her children had to send them to military school in order to further her education It was either that or give them up for adoption as she had no family to help her financially The stay at the military boarding school was horrific according to Allman and he felt abandoned by his mother Allman was extremely intelligent and ranked first in his class with plans of being a Dr or DentistWhen financially able his mother brought her 2 sons home and enrolled them in public school Allman discovered music at this time and taught himself to play the piano and guitar He delivered papers in order to earn money to buy a guitar His brother Duane uickly became fascinated with the guitar and began playing the instrument day and night Duane became a guitar prodigy who is ranked as 2 best guitarist of the rock era behind Hendrix Music became the Allman brother s life and they soon started forming a band Duane told Gregg to start writing music for the band and Gregg dutifully obeyed his older brother and was soon knocking out songs that would rise on the charts with ease Sadly just as their first album Eat A Peach came out Duane was killed in a motorcycle accidentDrug and alcohol abuse took over Gregg s life at this point once they had accomplished fame and fortune He tells of his romance and marriage with Cher one of the most interesting parts of the story Cher was understanding and helpful about his addiction problems but in the end it would ruin their marriage and Cher left him In later years and many tries he was able to beat his addiction and come to grips with the tragedy of losing his beloved older brother If you enjoy reading a rags to riches story I think you will enjoy reading this always engaging book

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My Cross to Bear

Free download My Cross to Bear Free download ↠ My Cross to Bear ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Read ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF È Gregg Allman Ad marriages including his brief union with superstar Cher the tragic death of  brother Duane Allman and life on the road in one of rock’s most legendary band. The title comes from his song It s Not My Cross To Bear and the full song title would have been apt No matter what went wrong with the band according to Gregory it wasn t really his fault For example the decline the band saw in the eighties was the fault of the audience and the change in pop culture and had nothing really to do with him being strung out on heroin an alcoholic or his other kinds of drug abuse People just weren t digging good music at that time The Allman Brothers were part of my holy trinity growing up along with Eric Clapton and The Grateful Dead Gregg Allman is a very good songwriter He has a knack for writing blues that sound authentic like they could have come out of Chess records He also has a great voice for blues Unfortunately for him and also fortunately his brother was an absolute natural and a genius Because of Duane s early death much of Gregg s life seems to have been an alternation of trying to live up to Duane and pushing himself down because he really couldn t live up to Duane Also because of Duane s early death his genius tends to get exaggerated We project his genius into the future without taking into account the horrible drug abuse that would have given him the same kind of intermittent downward spirals that all of the survivors of that period of rock had Instead Duane is remembered only for the early incandescent moments Gregg got to live through that as second fiddle and then got to go through the heroin withdrawal the alcoholism the series of failed marriages etcThe strange thing about the Allman Brothers is that they hit their peak of popularity with Brothers and Sisters which is mostly a Dicky Betts album and which is a distinct move into country mediocrity after their early stuff and Fill East So people got to say that they loved this band and Duane but they didn t actually have to listen to Duane and instead could stay comfortable with the major pentatonic noodling on Ramblin Man and Blue SkyThe rift between Betts and Allman is fun to read about Betts does come across as an asshole and I am pretty sure he is one Allman doesn t however see how his own failings might have forced Betts into becoming even of an asshole in response He is typically pretty unreflective which struck me as being odd in an autobiographyI was also struck by Allman s attitude to other musicians Basically if you played with an Allman you were great Thus there is admiration for Clapton because of the Layla sessions And for Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks and Otiel Burbridge and Chuck Leavall etc And the old blues guys who influenced the band are also great notably Bobby Bland But there is almost never a good word about anyone else s music The short passage on seeing Hendrix live says that he wasn t any good The Grateful Dead according to Allman had no groove and only had any success because they fed their audience drugs The Band who did stuff that was similar to the ABB and played on many billings with them do not even get a mention I get the feeling that Allman can t bring himself to see the merits of people he sees as competitorsThe style of the book is so casual that it feels like the writer basically took the taped interviews and transcribed them It gives a feeling of honesty and makes for easy reading But its sad that having read several of these rock memoirs right now that his life reads like such a cliche The early struggles The deep admiration for black RB The obsession with playing and the early lean years The sudden ascent The downward spiral into drugs and the clashing of egos The horrible treatment of women And for the survivors the finding of a kind of peace The details change but the song remains the same Of the rock memoirs I ve read Keith Richards Life is the best book This one is only fair

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Free download My Cross to Bear Free download ↠ My Cross to Bear ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Read ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF È Gregg Allman O Bear No subject is taboo as one of the true giants of rock ’n’ roll opens up about his Georgia youth his long struggle with substance abuse his string of b. Jeez but I love summer with its hall pass to unabashedly read trash like this If it s content you seek you ll learn from the back of a box of Cocoa Puffs It s a stretch to consider Allman even one dimensional Still his ability to use the word shit as noun adjective adverb and verb is impressive and omission of that word alone would trim the book s 400 pages down to 250 Eliminating the word man would trim it an additional 75 pages I recall my mother once saying Oh I m so glad to be home You wouldn t believe how many accidents I saw behind me on the freeway an apt metaphor for My Cross to Bear At no point does Allman ever take responsibility for ANYTHING including the various friends and roadies who went to jail for procuring his drugs Here s an example I felt guilty about the whole thing for a while but as hard as I tried I couldn t figure out what it was I had to feel guilty about I wanted some drugs Scooter got them for me I paid for them and that was it done deal What was there to feel guilty about Had I gone out on the street and bought them myself I probably would have ruined my career Scooter helped me out as a far as that went but everyone who s buying drugs is getting them from somewhere else I m sorry for what happened to Mr Fuchs I m sorry for what happened to Scooter but they knew what they were doing when they did it Everybody made their own decisions man And that includes me The whole mess with Scooter was the last straw for the band As if the financial mess we d gotten ourselves into wasn t enough most of the guys felt I d sold Scooter out Similarly high marks as a family man six failed marriages and a bunch of kids he probably couldn t identify in a police lineup His shit I m the man hubris is unwavering Like a game of Where s Waldo not only does he work in babes drugs alcohol Trans Am cars and Triumph motorcycles in every chapter but also his unadulterated hatred of band mate Dickey BettsSpoiler alert the title of LP Eat a Peach being a reference to brother Duane killing himself by rocketing his motorcycle into the back of a produce truck is complete myth The LP title was originally Eat a Peach for Peace the band s response to the Kent State riotsIn the plus column this is a book you can read while doing other stuff like working on your taxes and watching the Olympics because it reuires less than 3% of your attention to follow its narrative Come for the music but side step the book

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