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The Great uake review à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ever in the world measuring 92 on the Richter scale struck Alaska devastating coastal towns and villages and killing than 130 people in what was then a relatively sparsely populated region In a riveting tale about the almost unimaginable brute force of nature New York Times science journalist Henry Fountain in his first trade book re creates the lives of the villagers and townspeople living in Chenega Anchorage and Valdez; describes the sheer beauty of the geology of the region with its towering peaks. I first saw the author of this book on CSPAN s BookTV and thought it sounded interesting Also I can remember watching the news coverage of this on my family s black and white TV way back when In this narrative the author does not just cover what up to this point is the most powerful earth uake to happen in North America 92 on the Richter Scale and second most powerful anywhere but also how it affected the understanding and importantly the acceptance of Plate Tectonics in explaining how why and where earth uakes occur The author tells his story through the eyes of geologist George Plafker He has spent much of the preceding couple of years doing geological research in the uake area and when the uake occurred was uickly sent by the US Geological Survey back to Alaska to see if there was any way to explain the causes and effects of the uake The author takes the time to explain the various theories in the geological community to explain earthuakes At the time Plate Tectonics was a rather poorly accepted theory In his assessment of the uake and causes Mr Plafker found much evidence to support Plate Tectonics and it has since become the accepted theory of continental movement and causes of earth uakesIn addition to explaining the geological theories the author does an excellent job of exploring just what happened on that Good Friday in the 1964 He does this by telling the reader just what happened in three different locals Anchorage the largest city in Alaska the Port of Valdez at the time a fishing Port on Prince William Sound now the Terminus of the Alaska Pipeline and a small fishing village of Chenenga at the end of one of the many fjords branching off Prince William SoundAs he tells the stories of these three communities the author looks at the damage both the uake did to then and maybe importantly what the tidal waves did In looking at Chenenga he tells how the tidal waves generated by the uake literally wiped the community off the map The waves scoured everything up to 70 ft above the water line The Chenengans that survived the tidal wave did so in a one room school house located just about the reach of the waterI telling the story of Valdez the authors looks at how the uake destroyed the waterfront and the accompanying infrastructure One of the stories he relates is how the locals were unloading a supply ship when the uake hit and what damage it did to the ship and the dock it was tied up to The damage was so completed that when the water front was rebuilt in was a mile away from the previous spot on land donated by one of the residents of the cityThe Anchorage story is also well told The ground shifted permanently as much as 10 feet and much of the wealthier areas of the city were destroyed All in all I found this both a very readable and fascinating look at the theories behind earth uakes and the power they can develop This is a solid four star read for me

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The Great uake review à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free And 20 mile long glaciers; and reveals the impact of the uake on the towns the buildings and the lives of the inhabitants George Plafker a geologist for the US Geological Survey with years of experience scouring the Alaskan wilderness is asked to investigate the Prince William Sound region in the aftermath of the uake to better understand its origins His work confirmed the then controversial theory of plate tectonics that explained how and why such deadly uakes occur and how we can plan for the next on. I was there 15 years old at the time sitting in our livingroom in Valdez when the shaking started Henry Fountain has really captured what it was like to live through this earthuake and the days following That part I knew What I didn t know was the science behind the most terrifying experience of my life Fountain has made the science readable and uite fascinating I highly recommend this book

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The Great uake review à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free In the tradition of Erik Larson's Isaac's Storm a riveting narrative about the biggest earthuake in recorded history in North America the 1964 Alaskan earthuake that demolished the city of Valdez and obliterated the coastal village of Chenega and the scientist sent to look for geological clues to explain the dynamics of earthuakes who helped to confirm the then controversial theory of plate tectonics On March 27 1964 at 536 pm the biggest earthuake ever recorded in North America and the second biggest. When I was growing up in the early 1960s my grandfather was corresponding with Maurice Ewing and William Donn of the Lamont Geological Observatory Gramps had been interested in their work since 1958 when he read a Harper s Magazine article by Betty Friedan called The Coming Ice Age about their researchI didn t know that Project Moho drilling cores in the deep sea how to stop the next Ice Age and Plate Tectonics was not normal dinner table talk Gramps even got his old college buddy Roger Blough then president of U S Steel to kick in some funding for their researchBefore 1971 when I took Historical Geology in college I had no idea that Plate Tectonics was a new theory I d grown up with itI reuested The Great uakeHow the Biggest Earthuake in North America Changed Our Understanding of the Planet by Henry Fountain from First to Read because I like geology and enjoy reading about Alaska I was excited to learn it was about the very research that proved Plate TectonicsFountain introduces us to the people of several small Alaskan villages along the coast recounting their history and way of life The families have Russian last names a legacy when Russia turned the native population into virtual slaves They live on a subsistence level their traditional hunting and fishing impacted by factory fishingIn 1964 on Good Friday a 98 earthuake wrecked havoc and destroyed the villages claiming the lives of 130 people It is devastating to read about the tsunamis that wiped the land clean not only of people and houses but trees and the loose rocky layer on the shoreGeologist George Plafker was very familiar with the area The day after the uake he flew over the area His observations led to proving the controversial theory of Plate Tectonics that even Maurice Ewing did not yet subscribe toThe book reads like popular disaster books such as Dead Wake by Eric Larson setting up the people and history recreating the horror of the disaster and then cogently explaining how Plafker s research impacted the scientific community Readers can expect to learn Alaskan history and geography be moved by the horror of the destruction and brought to understand this planet we live onI received a free ebook through First to Read in exchange for a fair and unbiased review

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