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Torn by Stephanie Guerra Free download È 100 Stella Chavez is your classic good girl straight As clean cut boyfriends and soccer trophies You’d never guess that Stella’s dad was a drug addict who walked out when she was a kid Or that inside Stella wishes for something New girl Ruby Caroline seems like Stella’s polar opposite cursing smoking and teetering in sky high hee. Standing up for yourself and the ones around you should be easy Right Ha No not in high school A place filled with pressure meanness divisions rumors and risks A world where standing up for yourself or speaking your mind can put everything at riskTorn by Stephanie Guerra is a hard edged story filled with friendship loneliness family and the power of loyalty presented in a clear cut realistic tone and language This is the story of Stella Chavez a well liked senior on the soccer team with good grades who never gets in trouble until the day Ruby Caroline hit town and turned her world upside down with one click of her high heeled toe Ruby Caroline instantly attracts attention glares and rumors in her new school with her beauty and outspoken ways Ruby and Stella spark up a friendship that becomes the talk of the school As the fun adventures escalate into darker dangers filled with men drugs and sex Stella must face some hard decisions between old friends and new responsibility at home versus finding her own path and providing a helping hand or betraying a trust Ms Guerra paints a pretty realistic and common picture of high school life with sports boys parties cliues friends and rumors Ruby and Stella s friendship causes a rift and tension with Stella s old friends Christine and Beth Unfortunately I felt no connection with Beth Christine or any of the girls at school with Stella Readers were not shown any real emotional connection or interactions with Christine or Beth before Ruby arrived So when the trouble started at school between Stella and her friends I guess you could say I didn t feel all that torn about it At home Stella is half of a team Since Stella s Dad left Stella has been helping her Mom raise her siblings and run the house In our world single parent homes are common and the norm so children have to adopt duties and responsibility at home at such a young age This emotional conflict in Stella s life will ring true and hit home for many readers How can Stella leave her Mom and go off to college The suffocating power and guilt of such a decision jumped off the pages The guilt of wanting to leave and the desire to go versus her loyalty to her family tore through Stella and my heartFor me though the real magic and strength of this story was the friendship and bond between Stella and Ruby Readers will definitely get to see what these girls are made out of through their sadness pain and struggles Stella and Ruby s strength to stand up for themselves and each other will inspire you Two characters that will keep you guessing until the end One minute I am in awe of their courage and the very next minute in fear for their safety Ruby s relationship with an older man kept me on edge the whole time I do not want to spoil or reveal too much about Ruby and Stella s past or secrets but just know their stories touched my heart with fear pain and hopeThere is a lot going on in these pages At times it felt like too much Some subjects felt thrown in rather than addressed But the topics are pivotal and powerful ones that readers will recognize and identify with in their own lives the power of a rumor bullying religion sex drugs gangs self image and so much Stella and Ruby will look and sound familiar to readers with struggles so common in teenagers lives today Stella and Ruby might just show readers how the strength of friendship and loyalty can help us get through it all With friends and trust anything is possibleTorn is a strong book with powerful messages for young readers

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Torn by Stephanie Guerra Free download È 100 Tween her family and her own independence between who she was and who she wants to beBut Ruby has a darker side a side she doesn’t show anyone not even Stella As Stella watches her friend slowly unravel she will have to search deep inside herself for the strength to be a true friend even if it means committing the ultimate betray. Review Torn by Stephanie GuerraPublished by Marshall CavendishPub Date May 15 2012263 pagesThis review is based on an uncorrected digital proof received through NetGalleyIn her debut novel Torn Stephanie Guerra shares the story of an unlikely friendship between Ruby Caroline a badass redhead out of Utah and Stella Chavez a soccer champ who has lived in South Bend Indiana for all 17 years of her life Stella is both terrified and fascinated by Ruby She s beautiful brave and hip and advanced than just about anyone Stella has ever known For Stella Ruby is a lot like chocolate tempting addictive and bad for your health in large uantities After one lunch together Stella and Ruby become inseparable They go on what Ruby refers to as adventures that include things like trysts with the college boys from Notre Dame and flirtations with an even older guy aka the Silver Fox For Stella Ruby is such a refreshing break from her normally structured and responsible life where she goes to several AP classes dates the nice guys and goes home to take care of the house and her siblings while her mother works double shifts as a waitress However as Ruby s behavior becomes erratic Stella starts uestioning her loyalty to an increasingly stressful friendship Is Ruby fun or just a sociopathSo what did I think Honestly I didn t think the writing in Torn was as strong as it could have been in spots but so many of the observations were spot on and I ended up reading the whole thing in one afternoon because I couldn t put it down Guerra s snippets about the catty tactics of high school girls and the sleazy older guys who try to pick them on kept making me laugh and sigh in recognitionI rarely comment on covers but I ve got to say that I don t think the cover or title give a good idea of what the book is about If I hadn t read the summary on NetGalley I don t think I would have picked this up in the bookstoreWhat really hooked me was the main character Stella Chavez She s so strong thoughtful spunky and all around amazing it s impossible not to fall in love with her Don t be put off by the generic title and the wimpy looking girl on the cover

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Torn by Stephanie Guerra Free download È 100 Ls But with Ruby Stella gets a taste of another world a world in which parents act like roommates college men are way interesting than high school boys and there is nothing that shouldn’t be tried onceIt’s not long before Stella finds herself torn between the best friend she’s ever had and the friends she’s known forever be. I m a little disappointed how despite of its interesting plot of good girl bad girl best friendship coupled with older guy romance on the side and racial issues this still fell short The writing wasn t bad but sometimes the voices just made me want to close the book altogether There were also too many underlying stories that went unsolved and that ending What was that Note I received a copy via Net Galley

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